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AIBU to not to go NY Party?

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SoDownSoGone Sat 31-Dec-16 17:33:39

DH parents are hosting a NY party tonight. All his siblings and their kids will be there. He hasn't said either way whether he wants
To go but I did say to his mum we weren't sure if we would come. DC started holiday season with a vomiting bug then went on to get another. I in turn had diarrhoea for a whole week. In this time we spent 200 miles away from home with my relatives (I drove up earlier with the children). DC have also had head lice. We went away with DH family for 3 days (while I had diarrhoea but I wasn't allowed to tell anyone as I might ruin the holiday for everyone as they would
Think it was contagious). We live near DH parents whereas the other siblings and kids are staying with them and they are all spending time together but haven't invited us. Mainly cos of the lice (I've now seen a very similar seperare thread on this). Today they organised a trip out and DH brother accidentally called me (I know this as left a lengthy voicemail of random talking) I called back and said sorry missed call and then he said I didn't call you. So I casually asked what you're doing today and they have a whole day planned and didn't invite us. Anyway I said to MIL earlier (in The week) we might just stay at home and not come NY party this year. The sickness and diarrhoea and now the lice have exhausted me and the 700 miles we've done over this week have exhausted me. I've also been on a very heavy period. Think saturated pads and clots. I also have a moody toddler who is full of cold. We have so many chores to catch up on in the house because DH is out of house 14 hours a day with work and I'm a SAHM to two small kids with no help. Anyway now DH is upset I said to MIL we probably won't come but didn't give a definitive and now I think he wants to go. But he never said either way before. His siblings kids exclude my kids and now the lice will make it worse. My DH has said the holiday has been one big stress and I'm so sad and fed up. I feel we should
Go now to the party but he said MIL won't have catered and I should have said earlier. Also they're all sleeping over as visiting but my DC won't be so I feel sorry that they won't be part of the sleep over with their cousins. So I'm stuck feeling pretty shit like I can't get anything right

Groovee Sat 31-Dec-16 17:35:24

Send Dh on his own. I've pulled out of a party tonight and am being ignored but I'm ill with a temperature.

SoDownSoGone Sat 31-Dec-16 17:36:56

I said that to him and he doesn't want to leave us. I just feel can't please anyone

Lilaclily Sat 31-Dec-16 17:37:34

Can't you deal with the lice so they no longer have it ?! Hedrin the life out of them ?

SoDownSoGone Sat 31-Dec-16 17:46:41

Yes I have!! They do longer have them!! But it doesn't seem to matter! They still didn't invite us out today

EllaHen Sat 31-Dec-16 17:47:52


Don't go. You don't need umpteen reasons - just one will do.

Sounds like your dh is feeling left out of his family's get togethers and may be scapegoating you. Of course, he may just be tired and irritable. Who isn't at the moment?

Early night is in order I think.

SoDownSoGone Sat 31-Dec-16 18:17:30

Yes I think he is feleong scapegoated and when I told him about the trip his siblings and kids had planned today he said he wishes I hadn't told him because it's just upset him. Anyway I do feel sorry for him but I said it's up to him to speak to them

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