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Ainu to ask for advice....job related

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whatisforteamum Sat 31-Dec-16 12:55:17

For over a yr I. Had a great job doing what I loved with fantastic pole.I couldn't have been happier and enjoyed the extra money more hrs gave me.Then my hrs were cut back to a third less when new pole took over and they had some of their own staff.
So I gaved notice and took on new job with more hrs.unfortunately a lot more than I agreed to and not a job to use my skills anyway.I gave it almost a month however things got worse not better and I left.
I was offered an old position on more money with more structure.Sounds ideal.
Then my job from last yr contacted me and I saw them they can now offer more hrs and a proper contract and really want ms back in the team as we all worked well together !!
Having been I'll all week my head is a mess.The better paid job would be structured but I have to payback any induction weeks if I leave in a yr. My old job is like a family to me and it was lovely to see professional smiling faces dh says it is up to me as we pretty much have separate

MumW Sat 31-Dec-16 13:02:17

My advice would be to write down each option with a list of pros and cons. I find writing a list focuses the mind. Good luck whichever way you choose to go.

Rosae Sat 31-Dec-16 13:03:31

I'd go for the job that made you happy over the job that gives you more money if that money is not needed.

whatisforteamum Sat 31-Dec-16 13:35:13

The other old job from twenty plus hrs ago is more money however maybe duller although I haven't met my new colleagues I would get eves off
.The newer old job was great fun and I did feel at home I'm just unsure if I would be outgrown it in five weeks.
I normally get a gut feeling but having flu has made me struggle.List sounds good smile

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