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to think it is too late to tell me she is now vegeterian?

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listsandbudgets Sat 31-Dec-16 09:35:27

having 2 couples round for dinner tonight. this was arranged about 3 weeks ago.

just had text message from Mrs W

"hi lists just to let you know I decided to turn vegeterian just before Christmas.. so no meat, fish, gelatine , meat fat etc. Thanks."

AIBU to serve jersey a tin of macaroni cheese while everyone else enjoys starter of smoked salmon followed by roast lamb and all the trimmings?

listsandbudgets Sat 31-Dec-16 09:36:17

Jersey... should say her where in earth did jersey come from

QuandryQueen Sat 31-Dec-16 09:36:25

Yanbu to be pissed off but I do think you need go acc9modate it even in just a basic way.

What were you planning on cooking today?

QuandryQueen Sat 31-Dec-16 09:36:43

Oops just saw

Spadequeen Sat 31-Dec-16 09:36:52

It's very rude of her to tell you now when she's known for over a week. Most people have planned and bought food for tonight already.

There are simple meals you can make but I understand your frustration.

steff13 Sat 31-Dec-16 09:36:56

Not unreasonable at all

QuandryQueen Sat 31-Dec-16 09:38:00

Ok so pick up a small goats cheese round and serve it with whatever the smoked salmon was going with and a dollop of chutney.

The mains she can still have the veg and potatoes, so yes do a portion of macaroni cheese to go with it and of you have Bisto gravy make that as it's veggie.

Brown76 Sat 31-Dec-16 09:38:02

Cheese instead of salmon, microwave nut roast. Very cheeky to tell you on the day.

Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Sat 31-Dec-16 09:38:22


Peanutandphoenix Sat 31-Dec-16 09:39:16

No your not BU she should've told you ages ago if it was me I would just serve her meat and when says she text you about being vegetarian just say sorry I never received your text message because I was busy simples.

Purplehonesty Sat 31-Dec-16 09:39:28

Reply saying this is what we are having, xxxx would you like to bring something for yourself as I haven't time to go shopping again today

Suzysuz Sat 31-Dec-16 09:40:10

It's short notice and if she changed before Christmas she could have told you much sooner...
Tell her you're pleased for her but have a full day on & its short notice as the meal is bought/prep'd, say what it is/how cooking and she can have anything off that or if not can she please bring something herself.

RNBrie Sat 31-Dec-16 09:40:29

Text back - thanks for letting me know. I've already started the cooking and had planned salmon and lamb to follow. Can you bring a main for you and I'll know for next time!

Noname2 Sat 31-Dec-16 09:40:30

YANBU. She's really rude. Just serve her the veggies on their own.

Bluntness100 Sat 31-Dec-16 09:41:11

Yes, that's a rude text, but you should accommodate, just do the goats cheese starter as suggested and get some veggie sausages or something for the main or a little nut roast. Total pain in the backside when someone tells you at the last min like this.😞

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sat 31-Dec-16 09:41:58

what *purple" said.

text back to the rude besom that she can bring her own fecking supper.

OnionKnight Sat 31-Dec-16 09:42:40

Yup, that's rude and I'd ask her to bring something, she should have let you know sooner.

Whocansay Sat 31-Dec-16 09:42:50

Give her a hummus starter, baked potato and beans for main and fruit salad to finish. I think she's bloody rude to spring this on you at this stage and you should treat her request with the same consideration she's given you.

Magstermay Sat 31-Dec-16 09:42:51

YANBU, that's far too late and her text was quite rude, she should at least have offered to bring something as most people would have planned what to have and bought the food. I wouldn't be going to a huge amount of effort for her but just get something pre-prepared to replace the meat/ fish.

KirstyJC Sat 31-Dec-16 09:42:53

Tell her that it's too late as you have already bought all the food for the expensive meal tonight. 'Shame you didn't tell me earlier since obviously it's too late for today'. Ask her to bring something and say you'll warm it up.

DodoRevival Sat 31-Dec-16 09:43:07

I'd be tempted to serve her everything you intended to give her but without the salmon and lamb (and anything else including animal products - many cheeses). I say tempted as in reality I wouldn't like to offer a guest half a starter and dinner!! Do you have hummus you could replace the salmon with? You can get these falafel type bakes to replace the lamb (no gravy though).

Though reply to her to tell her that due to the late notice this is all you can do

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Sat 31-Dec-16 09:43:09

I reckon one whiff of your lamb and she'll do a quick U turn on the vegetarianism.

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Sat 31-Dec-16 09:43:31

What RNBrie said. She can bring her own FFS. What a cheek.

FrancisCrawford Sat 31-Dec-16 09:46:57

Tell her you're pleased for her but have a full day on & its short notice as the meal is bought/prep'd, say what it is/how cooking and she can have anything off that or if not can she please bring something herself.

^ This.

Don't change the menu (Bisto gravy instead of proper gravy? Yuk) nobody wants to have to go running around the shops on Old Years Night when they have a dinner party planned.

She is being rude and inconsiderate to basically demand you change everything. Let her plan her own meal and do the shopping for it, rather than trying to force you

SuperRainbows Sat 31-Dec-16 09:47:03

Her text should have read

Sorry forgot to let you know sooner, but I'm now vege. So, I'll bring my own food tonight.

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