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Not an AIBU - posting for traffic

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zofranks Sat 31-Dec-16 07:55:13

sorry - I can't find a spot to chat about holidays with a 4 1/2 year old. We want to take her abroad for the first time this year but I am really struggling to know where to go - because of ISIS etc I am quite apprehensive about going to mainland Europe (I just am uneasy, not like me at all, can't explain it) so have been looking at the islands - we were looking at maybe all inclusive but I think maybe b&b or self catering would be better then we have the freedom to wander off - I also want to spend less than £1000 on the holiday if possible, jet2holidays have lots of free child places which brings the cost in at around £800 for all 3 of us - does this seem good? Are we better off booking flights & a hotel separately though? Sorry but we have always stayed in the UK and I normally only travel abroad on work trips so that is always all prebooked for me - any advice gratefully received. Incidentally we can go in term time too as school have basically said the reception kids can have a week off so we want to take advantage of this, looking to go in June when school is starting to wind down for the summer hols

NancyDonahue Sat 31-Dec-16 08:19:29

Yes £800 seems a fair price. Is that AI? We usually go self catering in an aparthotel. Most resorts have good supermarkets for breakfast and lunch and we go out for evening meal.

Balearics will be nice weather at that time of year. Menorca is lovely for young families, the airport is small and transfer times are quick. Take a look at cala'n'bosch and Arenal d'en castel. Majorca is a lot busier, huge airport, but has some lovely quiet resorts also. Puerto Pollensa is my favourite.

TheMortificadosDragon Sat 31-Dec-16 08:47:37

The appropriate topic would be Shorthaul (under Travel) - you might get some ideas from the threads there.

Hope you find somewhere

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