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AIBU to think that I will find some shoes?!

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emz2k5 Fri 30-Dec-16 20:31:17

Hi, I'm in desperate need for some help. My DD is 8 and has a H+ fitting in her foot width. She has trainers and school shoes which have both been purchased from Clark's. She had to go up a whole shoe size in a H fitting just to get the width so that her shoes don't nip. I'm looking to find her some nice shoes that aren't for school. I bought her some uggs although the ones with just the fur insole rather than the whole boot so that they could go with everything. I went up 1.5 sizes and they were still to small. She has been wearing the same ballet each year shoes from shoe zone for the last 3 years as they were really wide and I just went up a size (after trying shoe after shoe everywhere I could think of) but now I'm at the point where they don't go any bigger so I don't no where to look now?! Has anyone else experienced this problem and found something? I have spent hours trawling the internet and until she reaches adult sizes I have no idea. She is currently a 1.5 but all of her shoes are bigger. Sorry for the long explanation but it would be brilliant if someone could help. Thanks!

CrohnicallyPregnant Fri 30-Dec-16 20:38:11

My DD has quite high insteps so fine for summer shoes but in boots we often have to go up sizes to get them to fit.

Anyway, we found some ugg style boots at sketchers last year, might be worth a look.

emz2k5 Fri 30-Dec-16 20:44:26

Thanks, I will get her to try some sketchers on! It's an absolute nightmare x

CrohnicallyPregnant Fri 30-Dec-16 21:13:04

ITs specifically the ugg like ones that fitted DD, not the sneaker or high top ones. They were made of a suede like material and had buttons at the side so you could open the boot up to get her feet in, DD never needed to though as she could slip her feet into the right size.

Whereas Clarks we went up 1.5 length sizes and a width and even then it was a tight squeeze getting them on with the zips undone!

thirstyformore Fri 30-Dec-16 21:41:41

Have you tried a Danish brand called Angulus? My dd has wide feet and I found these really generous. Unfortunately our local independent kids shoe shop closed so I can't get them easily now.

scaryteacher Fri 30-Dec-16 21:43:37

Start Rite? My ds is an H and they fitted him, and I am also blessed with wide but small feet, so I used to buy start rite girls shoes that I liked the look of in the sale, as I am a 3.5.

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