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Is this legal (posting for traffic)?

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Anywhichway123 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:28:24

Trying to move from our privately rented 1 bed flat to a 2/3 bed and we keep being told 'no children'. I can understand no pets but no children. Who rents a 3 bed house for just 2 people. Is this even legal? I live in the South East.

We're both professionals, trying to save to buy so renting atm.

Both our children are house trained!

We would look after the property because not only are we respectable and respectful we want to live in a nice home! We would replace, repair or redecorate anything that was needed before we moved out.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Fri 30-Dec-16 12:29:46


They want professional house sharers who are never in.

HermioneJeanGranger Fri 30-Dec-16 12:30:29

Perfectly legal. They don't have to rent to families if they don't want to.

RacoonBandit Fri 30-Dec-16 12:31:03

Yes it is.

Just like they can say no pets.

Anywhichway123 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:32:51

I can understand the no pets. The flat we live in was occupied by a single guy who kept a dog without telling the landlord. He was out at work all day and the flat had to be gutted when he moved out!

DJBaggySmalls Fri 30-Dec-16 12:33:29

Yes it is, and I was evicted from my flat as soon as my LL realised I was pregnant

RacoonBandit Fri 30-Dec-16 12:34:07

So you can understand how LL can say no children too.

Its shit dont get me wrong but not illegal.

Soubriquet Fri 30-Dec-16 12:37:14

Yes it's legal

Not right but legal

rosewineisgreat Fri 30-Dec-16 12:37:41

Evicted when pregnant!!!? Really?

Anywhichway123 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:37:55

I'm really shocked.

We both come with good jobs, good references including our current landlord...Rent ALWAYS paid on time! Lived in current flat for 4 years and it's as immaculate as the day we moved in!

Anywhichway123 Fri 30-Dec-16 12:38:48

Evicted when pregnant? That can't be legal surely!

SleepFreeZone Fri 30-Dec-16 12:41:59

You only have to watch those Cant Pay type programs to see why any landlords are so cautious when it comes to who they are letting their houses to. You have families moving out who have allowed their pets to crap all over the house and kids to scribble on the walls.

I found a lovely cottage rental through the local paper. The landlord was cooking the books but I couldn't give a shot as I had Carte Blanche to do what I wanted. Might be worth investigating other avenues than just letting agents.

RebootYourEngine Fri 30-Dec-16 12:42:06

It is so ridiculous that family homes are not let to families.

SleepFreeZone Fri 30-Dec-16 12:43:33

i also imagine they get more rent if they let the house as multiple occupancy. Three professionals each paying for a room and communal area will probably bring in more rental than two adults, two children.

HermioneJeanGranger Fri 30-Dec-16 12:47:04

Landlords don't need a reason to evict you so long as they give correct notice. It's one of the huge downsides of renting - you can do everything right and still lose your home on someone else's whim.

harderandharder2breathe Fri 30-Dec-16 12:51:14

Of course it's legal, they can rent to whoever they want. Having children isn't a protected characteristic like race.

They want housesharing professionals who will cause less wear and tear on a property, so might be worth offering to pay a larger deposit to offset this, if you're really struggling to find somewhere to rent or it's a particularly lovely house

MountainPeaks Fri 30-Dec-16 13:00:23

Surely being evicted when pregnant is discrimination ?

GimmeeMoore Fri 30-Dec-16 13:07:27

Yes, landlord can set tenancy conditions inc no children

PyongyangKipperbang Fri 30-Dec-16 13:10:29

My cousin was evicted when she was pregnant. Her then BF, now husband, lived 200 miles away and she was moving to live with him, so it wasnt an issue for her but she was hassled about it. The Landlady had heard via a friend that cousin was expecting, andwas constantly ringing her, reminding her that children were not allowed in her flat and that she would be evicted if she didnt leave. This went on for about 4 months, despite me friend telling her that she planned to move as soon as she started ML, 2 months before the baby was due.

PyongyangKipperbang Fri 30-Dec-16 13:10:39

friend? cousin!

NerrSnerr Fri 30-Dec-16 13:15:26

Of course it's legal. It's their house and they can set the conditions.

SnatchedPencil Fri 30-Dec-16 13:21:45

Yes it's perfectly legal. The landlord cannot discriminate on race or sexual orientation, but anything else is pretty much fair game. Landlords want someone who will pay their rent and will not damage the property or piss off the neighbours. Your children might be responsible, but not every parent is bothered about whether their kids annoy the neighbours or damage the property.

It is a lot easier for the landlord to weed out people with pets, or children, or who are smokers, than it is to evict them if their behaviour is unreasonable.

The landlord is just playing the numbers. He sees the property as an investment - a way to make himself money. He doesn't view it as a home for the person he rents it to. It's purely a financial investment.

It's like with insurance companies. They use various factors like age, marital status, whether you have children, job, to decide what level of "risk" you are. The landlord does the same thing, and to some, children are an unnecessary risk.

BlurryFace Fri 30-Dec-16 13:22:45

Yes, it's legal. Over here, it's to the point where you rarely find cheap rentals that will take kids. Then people complain about the EVIL!!!! chavs getting social housing.grin

CauliflowerSqueeze Fri 30-Dec-16 13:24:15

Why not write to LL enclosing photos of your well-kept house and a couple of references.

The only reason they don't want kids is because they break stuff and draw on stuff. If yours don't then why not say that and see. Then at least if the LL still says no, you have tried.

GimmeeMoore Fri 30-Dec-16 13:33:41

For landlord,the property is investment they hope to see return on. Want to maintain in good order,and have minimal hassle

Even the best kids generate mess,their mates generate happens
My house now I have kids,well let's see...spills, nerf gun marks on wall,tomato ketchup dropped. No amount of telling off, cajoling, restrictions will stop wear and tear of having kids

And your average landlord,who has a rental property for profit won't want the hassle

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