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to think 'ex display' and 'damaged' aren't the same?

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tankerdale Fri 30-Dec-16 09:57:55

Sorry this is a bit dull, but would like to know what others think.

DH saw a floor lamp in a lighting shop with a 50% off ticket and 'clearance' - later he said he noticed it was for exdisplay. He wanted to buy it but I felt it was too expensive. Just before Xmas I popped back to get it for him as a surprise having first checked it was still there.

When I got there the sales assistant said he'd check the stockroom for a boxed one, brought it out I paid and that was that. Only noticed when DH was opening it that it said 'damaged' on the box and has a badly dented base.

Anyway after contacting the shop it emerges that the one on display that said 50% wasn't damaged but isn't actually for sale (part of an 'ongoing display') and apparently the ticket says it's for an ex display item but you won't get that actual one. The only ones available at that price are boxed damaged ones (surely not ex display then?). They did apologies that the sales assistant didn't explain when I bought it and can offer an undamaged one for 10% off. But I feel disappointed and aggrieved! Ex display means it's been out, touched etc to me that's very different to an obvious fault. So Aibu? At the moment I'm just thinking to get a refund and politely suggest they consider making their wording clearer - or should I make more of a fuss?

pinkblink Fri 30-Dec-16 10:10:39

No ex display doesn't necessarily mean damaged, they should have been clearer!
Ex display may have some marks where people have picked things up to look at, maybe some damage as things do get knocked/dropped or sometimes they can be perfect it's just that the packaging is open and may not be complete.

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