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to ask whether it is normal to have strange stats normally

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myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 00:19:29

And do doctors look at your previous norm or if things are still within a normal range ignore?

My normal bp is 110/70
Normal temp 36

Last night my bp was 129/88
Didn't see temp.
Heart rate was high(don't know what it is normally)

My question is, if your stats are within a normal range for all people, but elevated for you personally, would docs be aware of your usual and would a deviation from my normal be considered unusual?

topaz22 Fri 30-Dec-16 00:50:48

i wouldn't go to the doctors just for that. are you feeling ok?

Nibblonian Fri 30-Dec-16 00:58:22

Vitals fluctuate dependent on what you're doing, feeling, new or existing health conditions, medication, injury, whether you're inhaling or exhaling, equipment/human measurement error and other reasons.

Your BP isn't considered high at 129/88 (assuming you're not diabetic, have heart disease etc) but is a jump from your 'normal' and your diastolic is nudging the 90 considered to be hypertensive. That would need to be demonstrated several times though - a one off reading isn't particularly helpful.

Why are you monitoring it? You say your HR was "high" - what were you doing at the time?

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:04:15

I've no idea what high is in terms of heart rate. It's just a comment the nurse made. I noticed my bp reading on the machine and I know that that's high for me.
I was being checked over for mental health reasons though, no physical symptoms of anything.

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:08:56

That all said! I have been vomiting blood on and off, constant diarrhoea and heavy period at the moment. It's not why I was in hospital though.

alleypalley Fri 30-Dec-16 01:13:38

My bp is on the high side of normal, always has been since I first remember having it taken over 20 years ago. Each time I have it taken though I still get comments about it being high, and even though I tell them it's normal for me they still take it again just to make sure.

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:18:16

I guess that's what I'm asking. When is your blood pressure high? Is it a particular value or is it a value relative to your norm

UnbornMortificadoAtChristmas Fri 30-Dec-16 01:22:11

My normal is slightly high. The GP's passed a comment before suggesting it is on my notes.

Hope your feeling better soon.

EstelleRoberts Fri 30-Dec-16 01:26:08

This is interesting to me too, as I have low bp (usually about 90 over 60) and low temperature (can get down to about 35.7 early morning). My DD also usually has a low temperature, so I know she is fighting a bug sometimes, even though her temp would I guess be viewed as 'normal' by a GP. Or would a GP take her normal temp into account during an assessment?

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:30:41

And to answer another question, I had been doing nothing for the previous three hours apart from sitting on a chair in a and e cursing everyone from the pope to Theresa may. grin

UnbornMortificadoAtChristmas Fri 30-Dec-16 01:33:50

A+E could make the pope himself swear. Are you looking at a stay or going home?

UnbornMortificadoAtChristmas Fri 30-Dec-16 01:34:57

Sorry you said MH ignore me that was rude to ask blush

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:37:25

No that was last night. Not this night. Jaysus I can feel my blood pressure rising again haha

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:39:11

I'm home. Still swearing. grin

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:40:07

And don't worry, you didn't offend me.

UnbornMortificadoAtChristmas Fri 30-Dec-16 01:42:17

Well hopefully your feeling a bit better but the vomiting blood sounds worrying. Couldn't be an ulcer could it? What with the blood pressure as well.

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:43:11

The only time I come out in a cold sweat about mh is when I contemplate how to explain 'a brief breakdown in normal functions' on my cv.

SaltyMyDear Fri 30-Dec-16 01:43:46

Vomiting blood sounds serious! Is someone investigating that for you?

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:45:48

I've gastritis and that's normally well controlled with lanzoprasole until my psychiatrist reduced the dose two weeks ago.

sallysparrow157 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:46:58

Just like there are centiles for children's height and weight there are accepted ranges for blood pressure and heart rates and blood test results - there is a normal average number and a range that's ok above and below that. Your baseline blood pressure is slightly below the average and the one last night is around the average. So it's a bit high for you, but not high enough to make your body stressed.

A mental health assessment suggests it was a bit of a stressy experience. In the context of being stressed, a highish blood presssure and heart rate are normal (in fact when I was in hospital recently in a lot of pain, the nurse checked my obs and when she saw both my heart rate and blood pressure were up she used this as a guide to give me lots of nice drugs!)

If you had a high blood pressure and a normal heart rate and were not in a stressy situation I'd worry your body was used to high blood pressure so I'd be worried that your blood pressure was normally high and maybe want to treat it. If your blood pressure was lowish and your heart rate highish I'd worry you didn't have enough fluid in your blood stream and want to give you a bit of fluid and work out what was going on... basically it's all context!

Sounds to me like your body was reacting entirely appropriately and normally to a stressy situation and you have a pretty well behaved and sensible circulatory system!

BitOfFun Fri 30-Dec-16 01:51:24

There's nothing unusual about that, try not to worry.

myoriginal3 Fri 30-Dec-16 01:53:46

Thanks Sally for your explanation.

UnbornMortificadoAtChristmas Fri 30-Dec-16 02:00:40

At least you know what it is, I'd be panicking about the plague if I saw blood.

Jux Fri 30-Dec-16 02:29:54

My bp has been low but normal all my life. When I was pg it became 'normal' so I had to tell everyone that it was normally low; no one gave a stuff tbh!

These days it's back to low but normal, and no one seems to mind one bit. I do sometimes tell them, if it's a new gp - mine has retired and I don't actually know who my gp is any more - and I always tell the cardiology people when they take my stats, but I don't think they're too bothered, they just want to see how it is now in comparison to last time. I see them every 6 months at the mo as I'm waiting for an op.

I think if it's still in the normal range then they're not too worried.

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