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To be pissed off with DH bloody DS

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Mousedl1 Thu 29-Dec-16 22:00:11

So one DS1 (sister) lives a few roads away and DS2 a four hour drive away. DS1 made plans with us for xmas day dinner, night and Boxing Day as is recently single, last min she cancelled Boxing Day and announced she had ex partner and family round xmas day night so would be having dinner with us then going. I was annoyed as had got extra stuff and had turned down things with my family as she is newly single and didn't want her on her own.
DS2 come down today and they have been out visiting everyone today, they turn up here at 8.30 as they forgot key and want our spare so said they will have a drink while here. Stayed 30 mins then have gone as all staying at DS1. Before they leave I am asked what food I am bringing to DS2 for new year as they will chip in with some money. They never chip in and I recently foot the bill for xmas hamper for there DN who I have met 4 times! Then then tell me plans of who they are visiting tomorrow that don't include us and what time they will be free for dinner and get here for it.
I am sick of footing the bill and running round everyone for them to think it's a fucking hotel and just turn up here when they fancy, they wouldn't of even come tonight if they hadn't forgotten the key to the house. And now they expecting me to run around sorting food with kids and DH at work as well as pack for the weekend, sort he pets and everything else plus for a weekend at there house.

MatildaTheCat Thu 29-Dec-16 22:17:40

That's a confusing post TBH.

However, if I've understood it correctly, just text, ' I think you seem to be thinking you are coming to us tomorrow/ NYE? Sorry but we have other plans. Have a great time!'

Don't be a walkover. Do whatever you want and insist on sharing costs. I didn't understand the hamper bit, but if you didn't want to contribute then don't.

I understand you feel annoyed but why are you allowing this?

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