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To expect someone who can speak more than 2 words of english (those being my name) to help with problem

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Radley Tue 20-Feb-07 13:55:59

I phoned by yesterday to try and sort a problem out with my computer (broadband) and the person who answered the phone could barely speak english.

A phonecall which should have taken 10 minutes took nearly an hour, ending with both of us being well and truly pissed off.

ScottishThistle Tue 20-Feb-07 14:01:54

You have my sympathy!

I have the same problem every time I call to find the times of trains!...It's infuriating!

estatebabe Tue 20-Feb-07 14:20:55

I walked out of DFS last week because much as i appreciated the knowledge and helpfulness of the guy that served me - I couldn't understand him!

Radley Tue 20-Feb-07 14:29:11

It makes me feel awful to keep saying 'could you repeat that please', if i wasn't so desperate to get back online (I needed a phone no which I could only get online) I would have hung up.

It's like when I ring Evans, no-one can speak english and I finish the call feeling infuriated.

fannyannie Tue 20-Feb-07 14:30:49

But then I've had the same problem when talking to British people on the phone who happen to have very strong accents....

Radley Tue 20-Feb-07 14:37:51

Oh yes, I find a really strong scottish or irish accent incomprehensible sometimes.

SparklyGothKat Tue 20-Feb-07 14:38:41

was it BT Radley?? I had the same problem the other week trying to sort out our BT broadband

littlemissbossy Tue 20-Feb-07 14:40:53

You have my sympathy too!
Had the same problem last week with insurance company, guy ran into the back of my car and it took me over half an hour to run through it over the phone - a conversation that should have taken about ten minutes. I've vowed to change to Direct Line next year because their call centres are all in the UK.

saltire Tue 20-Feb-07 14:42:59

I put the phone down on someone from Scottish Amicable last year. She kept pronouncing my name wrong, and when it came to the address, she kept calling Fife -FeeFee!

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 14:46:27

No, that's not unreasonable, considering none of those calls is free.

Incodnito Tue 20-Feb-07 14:50:54

Took me around 3 hours, via India and god knows where else to get my broadband sorted (BT) I had to explain the problem to 16 different people (i counted) 13 of them could not speak english and I was hung up on 4 times!

So not unreasonable.

Radley Tue 20-Feb-07 14:55:44

Yes sparkly it was BT.

SparklyGothKat Tue 20-Feb-07 14:59:02

I thought it was, I tried 3 times to get through to an english speaking person, which I didn't, it still took about 1 hour to sort it out.

Radley Tue 20-Feb-07 14:59:36

is the 0845 no premium rate do you know?

expatinscotland Tue 20-Feb-07 14:59:53

And you're paying for this! This is not free.

SparklyGothKat Tue 20-Feb-07 15:00:24

it local rate i think

Radley Tue 20-Feb-07 15:01:53

Thank goodness for that. And after all that bt were no help whatsoever. I need to ring them again but I'm dreading it.

SparklyGothKat Tue 20-Feb-07 16:13:23

whats the problem???

Radley Tue 20-Feb-07 17:29:19

the main problem with broadband is now sorted thanks, i need to ring them now to find out why they are taking more payments out than they should have.

BassMama Sat 24-Feb-07 00:29:39

PMSL at fee fee saltire!!!

3andnomore Sat 24-Feb-07 00:35:42

how annoying!
Lol, glad I am not anymore with BT, who must have lost the plot, as it seems....they keep calling me, wanting to speak to my dh and everytime I say he isn't available for the next 6 month, they still keep calling...and he has only been away like a month, if that....happy calling I say...wish it wasn't always bloody dinnertime though...sigh....

3andnomore Sat 24-Feb-07 00:36:03

oh and lol at fifi...that is soooo funny

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