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AIBU or are CAMHS really shit... an update

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Zeed Thu 29-Dec-16 00:34:49

I wrote on her a while ago about my dreadul experience with CAMHS, and want to say a massive thanks to all the people who took the time to reply to me grin I think my account was deleted as one day I suddenly couldn't log in/reset password and didn't hear back when I emailed mnhq. I think the thread got reported! Though I didn't think it broke guidelines. Anyway. Finally DD has seen a psychiatrist and is taking medication, and we were told yes, she is likely to have asd. Imho I was not BU - CAMHS really are awful.

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AwaywiththePixies27 Fri 30-Dec-16 15:38:15

Hi zeed glad that you gave been able to access help for DD. I've had a couple of bad experiences with Camhs but the last Camhs worker DS was under has been nothing short of amazing. Couldn't do more for him, kept on the tail of people who should be doing certain things and getting assessments in place etc instead of sitting on it.

How is DD now?

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