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To be furious and appalled at train staff?

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BaileysOClock Wed 28-Dec-16 19:38:15

Caught the train with 3 out of 4 of my children today, left DS2 at home with DH as he was teething badly and took DS1 (age 2) and DSD's ages 6 and 8 to soft play. When we were about to get off the train, I pressed the button for the doors to open and started pushing the pram off on to the platform, within about 2 seconds the doors closed on us, wedging the pram in between and I couldn't move it, it then re opened. DS's arms were out the sides of the pram and they got wedged but thankfully he wasn't hurt at all. I was panicking and shouting, when we all got off the conductor came up to us, took one look at my son and said "ahh he's ok".
Didn't even bother to apologise or explain what had happened!! And he just walked off. As we were walking down the platform the driver had his head hung out the window staring at us the whole way down so I thought he was going to apologise or something but he didn't utter a word to us. I've sent an email to the train company to complain but haven't received a reply yet. I'm not usually one to complain and am quite shy but I am so pissed off! Someone could have been badly hurt, the metal on the pram saved my son from getting injured but if one of my DSD's had got off first they could have been really hurt or even fallen down the massive gap between the train and the platform out of panic! If I'd taken DS2 with us and not left him st home I would have had the double pram and he would have been hurt as there's hardly any metal frame around his seat at the back of the pram. I'm furious! Not one of them seemed to have a care in the world. 😡

BaileysOClock Wed 28-Dec-16 19:54:06


Lilacpink40 Wed 28-Dec-16 19:56:59

This sounds like a very stressful experience.

Did you say anything to the staff at the time?

BaileysOClock Wed 28-Dec-16 20:05:44

No I was in too much shock! I wish I had, I did say when he walked up to us "the doors closed on the pram" because I thought he didn't know, and he looked at DS and said "ahh he's ok" I didn't say anything else.
But realised afterwards he must have known because it's the conductor who man's the doors on our trains, so it must have been him who closed it straight after they opened angry

honeysucklejasmine Wed 28-Dec-16 20:11:09

And suddenly the drivers for Southern seem a lot more reasonable.

Sympathies*OP*, that sounds terrifying.

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 28-Dec-16 20:15:47

Poor you,OP, I had something similar happen to me at my nearest station. Gap is HUGE at edge of platform so is a big struggle to get a pram off. You can't do it with a baby in the pram unless you have someone with you to help you lift the pram off as the gap is too big. I had taken DS (about 2 I think, just a toddler) out of the pram in readiness for getting the empty pram off and then lifting him off (was pregnant so was a struggle anyway)had just got the pram off and onto the platform and turned round to get DS off the train and the doors had closed!! I had a heart attack thinking the train would go with him on it and me stuck on the platform! Luckily I think another passenger saw and did something as well as me shouting and the guard opened the doors again so I was able to get DS off. But I remember the feeling of terror and the annoyance at the train staff for not realising that an empty pram usually means there's a child for it somewhere!!!

The worst thing is that we're getting a brand new fleet of guardless trains. So I can see accidents happening when they come in.

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