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AIBU to ask what games you play on your laptop?

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HughLauriesStubble Wed 28-Dec-16 17:18:02

Dh gave me a lovely surprise of a decent laptop for xmas after me struggling with my almost unresponsive old dinosaur Acer for the last few years. I always used to enjoy games on my laptop before it got too slow and crappy, especially puzzle games I could play against random opponents like boggle and scrabble etc. So what games does everyone else play? Or have laptop/pc games been replaced by apps on phones nowadays?

BillyNotQuiteNoMates Wed 28-Dec-16 17:25:48

I love Panda Pop, Toy Blast and Secret Society

Pixel Wed 28-Dec-16 19:53:52

I like the escape games where you have to find clues and solve puzzles. Melting-mindz ones are generally good. There are loads of different ones on EscapeGames24 website. I find I need a mouse for most of them though.

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