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lazy family, lazy inlaws

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stratfordsara Wed 28-Dec-16 13:04:17

Hi all
this is a moan sorry in advance! Christmas is over for another year. In September my mum died suddenly, and she was the glue in our family. my brother is married with two kids. He is "laid back" and his wife is "not domestic" i.e. they do nothing. My dad wanted us all to have Christmas together so offered to pay for the meat, and also take us all out for lunch. I tried to get my brother to help me organise Christmas but his contribution was just a spreadsheet saying what we were all going to cook (my DH and me, not him or his wife). I spent £150 on food, decorated the house, made the chritsmas pudding and did a load of cooking in advance. My DH chipped in with cooking and peeling veg. My bro helped cook on Christmas day. Other than that I think I spent the entire time on my feet, cleaning up after people and cooking. After spending three days doing that, my back is agony so now I'm at home in pieces. I missed my mum, I don't feel anyone appreciated my efforts other than my poor dad. My sil told me off for staying up one night chatting with my bro, then she told everyone shed been up all night with the trots after Christmas dinner, blaming my cooking, when no one else was ill. So Christmas is over and I feel like I didn't spend any time with my kids, didn't relax or enjoy it and I'm really sad about that. I am not doing another Christmas like that, for sure.

bevelino Wed 28-Dec-16 13:16:03

Stratford I am sorry for the loss of your dear mum and that you had a tough time this Christmas. I hope you have people in RL who can support you. I send you virtual flowers and hugs.

YorkshireLass2012 Wed 28-Dec-16 21:50:08

Echoing pp. I am sure your Dad, DH and DC all appreciated all the care and effort you put in OP, especially after such a loss. Hope you can put your feet up now, recover and enjoy some quality time within your family unit.

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