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To have the massive post Christmas blues?

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Welshmaenad Tue 27-Dec-16 16:25:22

Not really an AIBU, though anyone who wants to offer a kick up the bum is welcome to try to sort me out.

First Christmas after splitting with DH - my decision and I don't want him back or anything silly like that. My dad passed away in August and I lost mum 2 years ago so it's my first Christmas without both of them. It used to be a really festive family-focused time of year but now we all seem really fractured and without a focal point so I've not really seen family over Xmas.

Xmas day was spent at home with the DC, their dad came in the morning for presents and breakfast and they had a lovely day, I made sure of it. They went with their dad yesterday lunchtime and not due back until the morning. I'm seeing someone lovely but he went home over Xmas and is a little distance away anyway so no opportunity to see him as we've both been juggling time with our respective children.

I'm so blue today. I'm home alone with nothing to do and everyone is busy with family activities and I wouldn't dream of intruding. I've spent most of the day on the sofa, not really concentrating on a book, eating biscuits and crying like a bit fat soppy pathetic idiot. I fucking hate Christmas. It will all be ok when life goes back to normal, won't it???

redcarbluecar Tue 27-Dec-16 16:31:49

Sounds like lots of positive things are happening for you. You made the break with your husband, you made sure your kids had a good Xmas, you've met someone lovely. But you've had a tough year and things have changed, and it's understandable you're feeling blue. I hope you can go easy on yourself today- yes, this period will soon be over- and hope that the new year holds lots of good things for you.

Welshmaenad Tue 27-Dec-16 16:44:54

You're right, redcar, hopefully next year will be better. All being good I will graduate next summer and exciting things are afoot. I need to focus on that rather than being mopey!

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