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Bad attitude from customer service because it's Boxing day?

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Itisnoteasybeingdifferent Tue 27-Dec-16 09:22:07

Yesterday our nephew was traveling from Paris, (with his sister and new baby) to the UK with Eurostar. He could get to Kings X but getting here to Essex was going to be difficult because of all the railway works. So he contacted Eurostar to ask if he could get off at Ebsfleet. He was told the train stops at Ebsfleet and everything was OK. We volunteered to collect him from Ebsfleet as that would be easier than Kings X.

We forgo Boxing day wine to drive to Ebsfleet and phone when we arrive .. where are you?
"I'm still on the train". It didn't stop as scheduled because of whatever. ...

So now nephew is hurtling towards Kings X and we are in darkest Kent. When he gets to Kings Xhe contacts customer service and gets really bad attitude. Staff shouting at him because he asked for them to sort out the train not stopping. Staff saying 'i'm leaving work now in front of him. Total refusal to acknowledge he was told he could get off the train and that we were in the wrong place to meet him...

Mistakes happen. It's how you deal with them. Shouting at customers is not what I think good... AIBU?

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