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BertrandRussell Mon 26-Dec-16 11:02:02

Children-(grown up and nearly grown up)- foraging for breakfast. "Lots of home made bread and jam" I say.

In comes DP "Breakfast? I hid a batch of pigs in blamkets in the fridge yesterday- and how about some fried up leftoverroast potatoes to go with them?"

Suddenly he's Dad of the Year!

Mamatallica Mon 26-Dec-16 11:06:06

What's wrong with him wanting to have a fun breakfast for a change on Boxing Day? It's annoying if you've made bread especially but maybe they could have a slice too? Lighten up and join in, make the most of it before your kids are proper adults and spending this time with their own families.

pipsqueak25 Mon 26-Dec-16 11:06:09

yabu [lighthearted] i'm being naughty and eating a furtive chocolate or six and i'm type 2 diabetic.... 'tis the time to do mad things and eat shed loads of stuff ! grin

Well as he is so resourceful I would delegate all the cooking to him today. wink

BertrandRussell Mon 26-Dec-16 11:19:33

He did cook a roast dinner yesterday and is doing beef wellingtons for 12 later......

userformallyknownasuser1475360 Mon 26-Dec-16 11:20:47


thatstoast Mon 26-Dec-16 12:57:35

Would pigs in blankets made into a sandwich with lovely home made bread be a suitable compromise?

LBOCS2 Mon 26-Dec-16 12:59:31

Oh my God, that sounds immense.

Don't mind me, I'm just going to go and hunt out a frying pan...

sirfredfredgeorge Mon 26-Dec-16 14:06:19

Either your fridge is truly, truly massive, or your kids need to improve their foraging skills.

Bread and Jam is not a breakfast, so YWBU to suggest a snack.

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