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To ask where your young teen DD buys clothes

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temporarilyjerry Mon 26-Dec-16 08:24:56

DD is 13. She usually buys clothes in New Look. Please could you suggest other shops or websites where she might find clothes that she likes? She is not into fashion but needs a new wardrobe.

littleme2016 Mon 26-Dec-16 08:27:11

Primark or H & M?

Alorsmum Mon 26-Dec-16 08:27:45

H and M?

LightTheLampNotTheRat Mon 26-Dec-16 08:27:51

New Look. Forever 21. Sometimes Top Shop or Miss Selfridge. Primark. H&M.

SamVJ888 Mon 26-Dec-16 08:28:03

DD is 14, she loves Top Shop at the moment but also shops sometimes at Misguided, Asos and River Island. Underwear and Lounge wear from pink. You're lucky she spends half her life shopping either in person or online!!

Bobochic Mon 26-Dec-16 08:29:59


KingscoteStaff Mon 26-Dec-16 08:31:47

H and M, Topshop, River Island when she's paying out of her clothing allowance. Hollister, Pink, Adidas and Brandy Melville when I am paying!

GnomeDePlume Mon 26-Dec-16 08:32:20

Very good if the budget is tight and you want a lot of bang for your buck

Gloriarty Mon 26-Dec-16 08:32:24

Can I jump on this thread and ask the same question but with the word 'aspirational' built in?

I need to get Nieces late Chimbo pressies. Is Hollister/Abercombie/Jack Wills still cool? Or have things moved on?

temporarilyjerry Mon 26-Dec-16 08:38:58

Wow, you're quick. Thanks. I'll get her to have a look,

Fresta Mon 26-Dec-16 08:45:41

I think it's hard to find nice stuff for girls without them looking cheap and tacky. Everything shrinks in the wash. DD loves new look and River Island but I hate them. H&M stuff is cheap too and washes awfully.

I think Zara and Gap is the about the best bet on the high street. Other ok ones are M&S, Matalan, Asda

Online we really like Abercrombie Kids, Mayoral, Boden (good for quality items like shirts, jeans and plain tops that you want to wash a lot and last but not for fashion items), and House of Fraser online has a wide selection of brands for girls.

tireddotcom72 Mon 26-Dec-16 08:45:53

Same as above new look, h and m, primark, top shop if she pays hollister jack wills adidas and Nike when mum pays

ghostyslovesheets Mon 26-Dec-16 09:02:33

Yeah H & M, Primark, River Island, Matalan, Top Shop - the usual!

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