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should I go out?

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sobeyondthehills Mon 26-Dec-16 04:04:52

One of my cats has just gotten back and he has either had a bucket of water thrown over him or been dumped in a bucket of water.

His brother is missing, it is fucking late but they might have my damn cat

There is no stream,s rivers or ponds near us

periwinklepickspoppies Mon 26-Dec-16 04:09:32

I hope that he turns up safe.

sobeyondthehills Mon 26-Dec-16 04:11:43

thank you, I dont think I am going to sleep till he is back. I will probably take the dog out. He is always up for a walk

celeryeater Mon 26-Dec-16 04:12:39

Is it possible he could have accidentally fallen into someone's pond?

celeryeater Mon 26-Dec-16 04:18:03

Oh sorry just read your OP again about there being no ponds near you. Hope you find your cat safe soon!

sobeyondthehills Mon 26-Dec-16 04:19:21

not unless he has travel out of his comfort zone (he is netured)

sobeyondthehills Mon 26-Dec-16 04:20:04

Thank you x

nippey Mon 26-Dec-16 04:48:55

Hope you find him, I'd not be able to sleep either!

dylsmimi Mon 26-Dec-16 05:46:08

Hope you find him - wpuld he come if you called and rattled some treats? Maybe your first cat was fighting with another and do ribs wet them (excessively) to stop them?
Do the cats always roam together? If not he may well just be curled up warm somewhere or like my cat - trying to find Turkey leftovers to claim!

abbsisspartacus Mon 26-Dec-16 06:16:40

Does he go in a certain area?

dylsmimi Mon 26-Dec-16 12:00:23

Did you find him op?

harderandharder2breathe Mon 26-Dec-16 12:47:39

Maybe he was shitting in someone's garden and they threw water over him? (As people are often advised to do on here)

sobeyondthehills Mon 26-Dec-16 15:44:27

No he hasn't come back.

dylsmimi Mon 26-Dec-16 20:28:24

sad hope he is back soon - he's probably curled up somewhere warm and sheltered and will stroll back home soon

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