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Would you reach out to a friend who had a fight with

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AteRiri Mon 26-Dec-16 02:37:20

in the spirit of Christmas?

BitOfFun Mon 26-Dec-16 02:42:27

What's the context?

AteRiri Mon 26-Dec-16 02:45:29

Almost two years ago, we got into an argument via email (we live in different countries) and he started telling me things that he knew would hurt me.

I called him out on it.

We stopped talking since.

BitOfFun Mon 26-Dec-16 02:54:49

In that situation, no. I'd get on with my life.

ScarletForYa Mon 26-Dec-16 02:55:56


dovesong Mon 26-Dec-16 03:01:16

In situations like this I always think "would I feel guilty for not having reached out if they suddenly died tomorrow?" and act accordingly. Under your particular circumstances I would not feel guilty.

Doordye Mon 26-Dec-16 07:23:20

It depends on how close your previous friendship had been. If it was a casual friendship no, youve been OK for two years. If however they are someone you could rely on in a crisis and someone you've confided in then yes.

The scenario about if they died tomorrow happened to me so obviously colours my judgement.

I argued with my best friend of 30 years & we didnt speak for 6 months. A mutual friend organised an afternoon tea, we didnt sort things out in terms of talking the issues through but we hugged it out & agreed to meet when I came back from my hols. She died whilst I was on my hols.

Obviously friendships that are no longer worth pursuing shouldnt be continued just in case the person dies but if you are thinking of that person then there is a reason for it, never have regrets.

Birdsgottafly Mon 26-Dec-16 08:05:37

So you were having a disagreement and he went on a full attack?

No, I wouldn't get back in touch, part of friendship is being able to argue and not go too far and then get over the argument.

I'd say in this scenario, the trust has gone.

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