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Pushy and sly inlaws

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omomom Sun 25-Dec-16 22:42:20

To cut long-story short, because of things in the past I have decided to stay cordial,but not close to the in-laws. They have done all sorts, from making me work all day in their house when we were staying with them & FIL house to coming to my house to have a go at me for something MIL told him about, which wasn't true.
They came around and sort of apologised but I drew a line and maintained a distance. Fast forward few months MIL (who is very sly) has been trying to invite us for lunch, tea, dinner and all sorts. I have very politely refused.
On Christmas Eve ,they came under the pretext of visiting and slowly started to ask if we could have food together for Christmas. I politely refused as they don't celebrate Christmas and I didn't want go.
My husband (who has exactly same grievances as me) some how always ends up on their side by saying " he believes

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