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AIBU to serve DD left over turkey for every meal till it's all gone?

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LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:02:50

I did it Nigella's way (brined, and then roasted for a comparatively short time) so at least it's not a ridiculously sawdusty and dry turkey, but it's still a flipping turkey and I've just lost the will to live while stripping the carcase. In fact I've given up half way and come to post on here instead.

DD was the one who wanted turkey: DH and I wanted goose, and MIL would have gone for duck. I know I am BVU, but I want to serve up this wretched bird for every single meal until DD begs never to see another turkey again! (Of course this may backfire on me: if the turkey onslaught doesn't put her off, she may be disgusted at the lack of leftovers from duck or goose next year.)

If I am BU, what do I do with all this sodding turkey?

pipsqueak25 Sun 25-Dec-16 17:04:02

how old is dd ? next year buy a smaller one ?

RubyWinterstorm Sun 25-Dec-16 17:05:24

My Dc never get a say blush

LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:06:50

It was a really small one but still seems to have ridiculous, unfeasible amounts of meat on it! DD is 6 and was desperate to try turkey as we've never had it.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Sun 25-Dec-16 17:07:03

Freeze the leftovers in manageable portions. then throw them out one by one so you can spread them out and not get bored.

gamerchick Sun 25-Dec-16 17:07:04

Strip it, big handful into freezer bags and put in the freezer. It comes in handy if you want to knock something quick up.

VeryBitchyRestingFace Sun 25-Dec-16 17:07:37

Why did you let your daughter have the casting vote?


LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:08:49

Lonny fgrin.

QueenMortificado Sun 25-Dec-16 17:09:22

Well what would you've done with the leftovers of a goose or duck?

Do whatever you'd do with it the same

LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:10:25

A goose or duck only has enough meat on it for one more meal... I don't normally have a problem with leftovers, but am daunted by the scale of this!

HecAteAllTheXmasPud Sun 25-Dec-16 17:10:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coralpig Sun 25-Dec-16 17:11:35

She's six. Yabu for letting her dictate

LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:12:15

Hec, the mere thought gives me palpitations! We also have a rather large ham, but there are more uses for ham than there are for turkey, so that troubles me considerably less.

pklme Sun 25-Dec-16 17:13:09

Turkey and ham pie. Turkey sandwiches.
Turkey in the freezer.

Turkey curry if you are desperate.

Mine love it in all its different incarnations, I've never had a complaint. But we only have it once a year.

LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:13:17

Should have put "lighthearted" in the thread title, clearly...

LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:14:17

Sorry, pklme, cross-posted! Turkey and ham pie is indeed the plan for tomorrow's lunch.

StrawbRhi Sun 25-Dec-16 17:14:29

I fell into this trap. We had pork because my 6 year old demanded it. We wanted beef. But it's her birthday today and letting her choose the meat is a small consolation prize for having such a shit birthday (not that it was my choice!).

But did she eat any?

Did she fuck.

PinkSwimGoggles Sun 25-Dec-16 17:14:41

there is never leftovers from goose or duck. much smaller birds --and much tastier and less dry.

HecAteAllTheXmasPud Sun 25-Dec-16 17:14:53

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:15:40

StrawbRhi, I feel your pain! At least my DD ate a sizeable portion of the turkey.

AlwaysTeaTime Sun 25-Dec-16 17:16:16

We do a turkey curry and a turkey, ham and leek pie (Jamie recipe) so it's not just cold turkey for a week afterwards! Turkey soup is also nice- plenty to do with leftovers, much more than with a goose in my opinion, so don't be too phased by it and just treat it as you would chicken!!

AlwaysTeaTime Sun 25-Dec-16 17:16:47

Sorry just realised someone else posted similar as I was typing

LordPeterWimsey Sun 25-Dec-16 17:17:06

Hec grin. It might knock you out - seriously, I have a plate piled high and I haven't finished stripping the damn thing yet.

SpaceDinosaur Sun 25-Dec-16 17:24:31

Turkey leftovers are awesome.

YY to freezing it in ziplocs
It will keep for a long time. It's ok!

Pies, curries, stir fries, sandwiches, omelettes/frittatas, soups, sandwiches, fajitas, enchiladas, risotto....
Chutneys, salsas, seasonings, spices, additional meats... these are your friends!!!

Or host a party grin

HecAteAllTheXmasPud Sun 25-Dec-16 17:24:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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