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To think it never gets easier

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BrightonBelleCat Sun 25-Dec-16 09:23:06

When you wake up without your dc on Christmas morning?

This is now seventh year of separated Christmas. I'll see them later but dp's kids are here and so excited I miss that initial waking up bit I'm upstairs having a sneaky cry.

flowers to all others who are without their loved ones. Still very lucky that I get to see them I guess.

Rainydayspending Sun 25-Dec-16 09:26:07

No. Not easier so far. Busy busy is my plan. I now have a 10 month old. So far, more jarring (but dh is away for 3 days working, 2 older dd's at dads).

Rainydayspending Sun 25-Dec-16 09:26:27


Keletubbie Sun 25-Dec-16 09:44:32

I couldn't do it. I can't imagine how it must be. Ex DP and I separated before DD was born, but he always comes over to open gifts and drink coffee on Christmas morning.

Ellisandra Sun 25-Dec-16 09:46:10

It's not a case of "couldn't do it" - some of us don't have a choice.

flowers OP.

RebelSoldier Sun 25-Dec-16 09:49:53

I'm seeing my kids later today. Christmas isn't a BIG BIG thing in our family and even I found it difficult. Look at some photos and videos of them, get all your love full to overflowing smile it will be OK OP, don't worry. They're having fun now & they'll have even more fun when you come smile

Whathappendexactly Sun 25-Dec-16 09:58:26

flowers. Woke up by myself for the same reason. I will not see them at all today. Judt the way it falls. I know they are having an epic time as ExH family are great with them and love Christmas. It's a big thing to them. That helps me cope.

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