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To be upset that i've forgotten to put half the stuff in dd's xmas box and she's abroad

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Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 06:58:37

Dd (25) gone camping abroad with her friend. I'm feeling sensitive because it's our first xmas apart. To make it worse, i've given them a christmas box for today and forgotten half of it! She's already had her main pressies before they went and an early family xmas dinner. When I packed the box i'd just become ill with a virus and felt crap so just shoved the stuff in, gave to dh to wrap, then flopped back down on sofa. In it there is a box of choccies, a small pocket camping tool, santa hat & reindeer ears, a couple of snacks and that's it! There should also have been xmas crackers, cupcakes, party poppers and a card from all the family. Am I just being over sensitive because she's not here. Still living at home after Uni btw, planning to houseshare next year.

Loopytiles Sun 25-Dec-16 07:02:08

Ah don't worry about it, it can't be helped, and if she's gone on an adventure like that am sure she'll be having a great time even without all the accoutrements (?) . Have a good christmas.

Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 07:14:15

Thanks Loopy, happy Christmas. She is having a great time. I'm fsmile andfsad at the same time, can't even get pissed have a glass of wine, i'm on tablets.

DonutParade Sun 25-Dec-16 07:17:43

The box is do thoughtful, sweet and loving, what a nice mum you are, hope you have a nice day.

Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 07:22:19

Thanks Donut, you too. Sniffblush

natwebb79 Sun 25-Dec-16 07:31:37

Oh she'll be thrilled! I remember being on my year abroad at uni and my mum sent me a bar of Cadburys chocolate. Just the thought and little piece of home meant the world. I bet she'll be rocking the reindeer ears and having a great time. smile

Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 07:48:09

Yes you're right natwebb, just imagining her in the reindeer earsgrin Thanks.

Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 08:04:04

Actually, reindeer antlers, not ears! And that's when i'm not even drinking! smile

JE678 Sun 25-Dec-16 08:09:23

She'll love what's in there, it sounds great. Also small mercy as crackers and party poppers wouldn't have been the wisest idea as she was going through security/customs with a box she has no idea of the contents of.

Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 08:15:06

Omg, JE. Never even thought of that! Is it the same on the car ferries as the airports then? They're driving, touring.

Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 08:18:03

Sorry, stupid question. Not usually this thick, but still getting over virus. That's my excuse anywayfsmile

JE678 Sun 25-Dec-16 08:37:37

The chances of being caught would be much lower but I think you're still not meant to take any amount of explosives through, no matter how small. I'm not 100% sure of that though. It sounds like a lovely idea and she'll have such a nice surprise from her thoughtful mum today.

JE678 Sun 25-Dec-16 08:39:39

Having said that my usual journey is to Northern Ireland which may not be typical rules!

Serana Sun 25-Dec-16 08:41:31

Thanks JE. Have a nice xmas.

Yura Sun 25-Dec-16 09:24:16

think how excited she will be getting some more goodies (definitely the card, and probsbly cupcakes or similar)!

Serana Mon 26-Dec-16 07:04:44

Morning all. Dd and friend phoned yesterday, having a great time, loved the xmas box, eating the choccies and wearing antlers and hatsmile JE, they had no problems going through but thanks for advice, I won't be doing that again. Giving 2 young ladies a box of unknown contents!! Duh!! Alls well that ends well thoughsmile And I enjoyed Christmas day with my non- alcohol winehmm thanks again all, hope you're enjoying Christmas.

JE678 Tue 27-Dec-16 06:20:45

Great stuff, glad to hear they enjoyed it and that they got through fine. It sounds like a great adventure they're on!

natwebb79 Tue 27-Dec-16 08:00:26

Yay! 😊

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