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To leave him sleeping on the sofa?

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Mistoffelees Sun 25-Dec-16 00:49:53

DH has been drinking all day, partly with friends and partly at a couple of social engagements with me there too. I chose not to drink so I could drive around said engagements, this was absolutely fine.
However DH had more than I expected so has now fallen asleep on the sofa with the TV on. I woke him up to tell him I was off to bed and he said he'd be up soon too. I used the bathroom and called down to tell him I was finished, it's been 15 minutes and he hasn't come up yet.
Can I leave him to sleep in the sofa so I can have the bed to myself or is that too mean on Christmas? I forgot to put the prosecco for the morning in the fridge and was going to go down and do it but thought it might wake him. blush
We have no children yet so no-one relying on us to get up at the crack of dawn if that makes a difference at all.

elvis86 Sun 25-Dec-16 00:52:13

If having the bed to yourself is a positive for you (I like a hug and if my OP is asleep downstairs it irrationally irritates the hell out of me!), YADNBU to leave him there.

notangelinajolie Sun 25-Dec-16 00:53:57

You could try waking him but if you can't just put a blanket or a throw over him.

MidnightAura Sun 25-Dec-16 00:55:42

Tough one. My DH has nodded off downstairs too. He hasn't been drinking, he's been working and is shattered.

I have tried to wake him twice. I hate him coming up to bed after me when I'm sleeping as he makes so much noise and wakes me up!

Mistoffelees Sun 25-Dec-16 00:56:20

Usually I like a cuddle but he smells a bit boozy and is likely to snore so definitely a positive on this occasion! He had already wrapped himself in a blanket so he'll be warm enough.

elvis86 Sun 25-Dec-16 00:58:06

I wouldn't let fear of walking him prevent me chilling the fizz, though. Unless you're only reluctant to wake him because you want the bed to yourself, obviously..wink

haveacupoftea Sun 25-Dec-16 01:01:26

I leave DP where he lies...i've even left him sleeping on the bathroom floor before blush

How will they learn otherwise fwink

Mistoffelees Sun 25-Dec-16 01:03:08

There are stirrings from downstairs, he's coming to bed envy

Ditsy4 Sun 25-Dec-16 01:06:53

Bad luck. DH is snoring like a pig next to me. I'm not well and DD is home so I can't go in there and the other bedroom is a craft room now. I might have to go downstairs to get some sleep.

Mistoffelees Sun 25-Dec-16 01:07:59

I've just said to him I was contemplating whether to wake him up or starfish in bed. He said he would have left me and hogged the bed for himself, charming! Well might as well stick the prosecco in the fridge then it really is bed time!

Mistoffelees Sun 25-Dec-16 01:08:48

Oh no ditsy! Hope you manage to get some sleep, give him a kick from me wink

SparkleChristmasGlitter Sun 25-Dec-16 01:09:21

I'd leave him on the sofa and go to bed.

My DH often falls asleep watching tv ( nit due to alcohol just tired) and I turn the tv off, lights off and go to bed

KeptOnRaining Sun 25-Dec-16 01:31:54

Oh well, you lost the bed but gained prosecco...

Sharpen your elbows while you're up!

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