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Carol singing

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Sofabitch Sat 24-Dec-16 17:44:39

Is it a bit scrooge to think this isn't a thing any more? My mum thinks I'm being mean to not let mine go out carol singing.

Soubriquet Sat 24-Dec-16 17:48:22

Never had carol singers here. I don't know what I would do if I opened my door to them really

I don't think it's the done thing anymore either. Except in maybe older villages or tight knit communities where everyone knows each other and it's more appreciated

Optimist1 Sat 24-Dec-16 17:58:04

I'd love carol singers to knock, even a couple of teenagers who race through one verse of We Wish You a Merry Christmas with their hand held out! Given the enthusiasm which families have for Trick or Treating I'm sad that this older tradition seems to be dying out. (We do have the local Lions float come round early December, but the music is recorded and it's broad daylight, so not quite what I have in mind!)

LRDtheFeministDragon Sat 24-Dec-16 19:16:09

I'd love it if you'd send them, so long as they're singing not begging. We had two come to the door who claimed they didn't know anything we suggested (O come all ye faithful and Hark the Herald, Away in a Manger, Little Donkey, etc.) and who said 'we can sing "we wish you a merry Christmas" but we're bored with that'. We said please sing it, and they shuffled and didn't.

That annoyed me!

zukiecat Sat 24-Dec-16 20:22:06

I've never ever had carol singers at my door

I didn't think they actually existed except in books and tv shows

Mind you I'm Pagan, so waste of time them singing to me!

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