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to post a link to something that might make you cry at its sheer beauty?

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myoriginal3 Sat 24-Dec-16 11:24:23

I've done it now.

myoriginal3 Sat 24-Dec-16 11:24:57

BrightonBelleCat Sat 24-Dec-16 11:26:38

This had me in floods yesterday.

ArmySal Sat 24-Dec-16 12:06:58

Lovely fsmile

MrsMozart Sat 24-Dec-16 12:07:40

Beautiful, thank you for the link.

Alphabetsy Sat 24-Dec-16 12:17:28

That's so lovely!

Hoppinggreen Sat 24-Dec-16 12:21:36

Think there might be something in my eye

myoriginal3 Sat 24-Dec-16 13:10:08

It's a little piece of wonderful

myoriginal3 Sat 24-Dec-16 13:18:42

It's worth noting that this girl has been diagnosed with adhd and asd.
I think the choir are amazing too.
And the teacher seems fantastic.
It's just so lovely to see.

MarsBarsAreShrinking Sat 24-Dec-16 13:30:22

Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Branleuse Sat 24-Dec-16 13:33:55

ive watched this several times and it keeps making me cry. Shes amazing

Largemelons Sat 24-Dec-16 13:38:25

Wow. This blew me away.

ElornaElephant Sat 24-Dec-16 13:54:26

It's just stunning - been going around for a couple of weeks here as its local (I'm in NI, have a DB and DS with ASD at SEN schools partnered to this lovely girls school) and I'm so glad its gotten national recognition smile

ClopySow Sat 24-Dec-16 15:21:25

Crying. That's lovely.

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