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OMG lost as to what to do

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Cynthiathequeen Sat 24-Dec-16 00:51:02

Name changed. 20odd year old DC has just hosted a pre party at ours. After their v noisy departure went into the room they had been in to check for forgotten candles etc. Found a hand written note on headed note paper from one of this country's most august body's. It is an addendum note and asks the recipient to send the note writer their "term time address" plus more, but never stepping over a line.
I have no idea of sender or recipient, but they all went to a school which arranges many work placements in said DC has been one of them. A number of the school alumni have ended up working there as a career
All individuals are 21 plus but I am at a loss. Unhappy the note could be pressure on someone not yet properly mature. i accept I probably cannot intervene, don't think it is my own DC, so just your thoughts please?

QuestionableMouse Sat 24-Dec-16 00:52:10

Who is it addressed to?

JenLindleyShitMom Sat 24-Dec-16 00:55:30

Sorry, can you explain again what it says on the note please? I don't understand.

WantToRunAgain Sat 24-Dec-16 00:57:29

I have no idea what your OP means confused

Manumission Sat 24-Dec-16 00:57:43

Try again. What does it actually say that is a problem?

Rixera Sat 24-Dec-16 00:58:18

Do you mean you believe a member of this body may have been striking up an inappropriate relationship/being overly personal?

thecolonelbumminganugget Sat 24-Dec-16 00:59:26

Yeah, sorry, not a Scooby doo what you're on about

Rockingaround Sat 24-Dec-16 01:00:54

Flummoxed - What is an august body? Addendum note?

Manumission Sat 24-Dec-16 01:00:55

If it's not stepping over a line and everyone's over 21, it's difficult to see what the angsty riddles are about TBH.

But who knows based on that confusing OP?

It seems a bit odd to be OMGing about something "not over the line".

hesterton Sat 24-Dec-16 01:00:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

plimsolls Sat 24-Dec-16 01:01:19

I think you need to give details of what the "plus more" is. I'm guessing that you mean the note contains a request/instruction regarding something that is a bit dodgy in some way, and you feel that the young person would not feel able to say no, possibly due to the status of the note writer.

Your post is really unclear though so it's hard to make any comment really...

Manumission Sat 24-Dec-16 01:04:21

I normally find dominos pizza receipts when my lot have predribks here #totalpleb sad

Yoarchie Sat 24-Dec-16 01:04:28

Tell us what the August body is meant to say - looks like an autocorrect?

Manumission Sat 24-Dec-16 01:05:18

No I think it IS meant to say "August body".

WellKnackered Sat 24-Dec-16 01:05:31

I really tried to understand but I couldn't sad

HemanOrSheRa Sat 24-Dec-16 01:06:08

I've read your OP five times. I cannot understand what you are trying to convey.

PaulAnkaTheDog Sat 24-Dec-16 01:07:39

Not a scooby. Eh?!

Manumission Sat 24-Dec-16 01:08:01

Okay let's brainstorm August bodies 🤔

Royal college of surgeons?
Royal Opera house?
English National Ballet?
Royal Shakespeare company?

I seem to be leaning towards culture 🙂

ImtheChristmasCarcass Sat 24-Dec-16 01:08:08

^ Unhappy the note could be pressure on someone not yet properly mature^

Are you saying that you believe this note is from someone in authority making an inappropriate request of a student?

Why can't you just show it to your DC and ask them about it? I see no need for secrecy wouldn't have had a problem showing it to my DC and asking them if they knew what it was about.

Unless you were actually looking somewhere you shouldn't have been, but even then I probably would admit to snooping if I felt someone was in danger.

Manumission Sat 24-Dec-16 01:08:29

Right kind of ballpark at all though?

PaulAnkaTheDog Sat 24-Dec-16 01:10:03

The term time address bit makes me think that it's a teacher looking to contact a student inappropriately but the ages don't really add up.

Tartyflette Sat 24-Dec-16 01:10:19

House of Commons/Lords notepaper?

Cynthiathequeen Sat 24-Dec-16 01:10:22

Hi sorry. I don't know who it's addressed to as only have follow on note which is headed and has address postscript. That's all genuine. Dealt with said august body in my profession.
While the paper and heading is very prestigious, more than one (many more than one) person works from there and it doesn't name the sender. This is why I am unhappy.
Note is basically about shared good times and contains a quote "from our mutual friend" about letters being the only discrete way to communicate. (googled that phrase, couldn't find anything in public domain) . Just concerned that one of DCs friends is getting sucked in, by much more powerful person.

Manumission Sat 24-Dec-16 01:10:27

Just have another stab at telling us OP.

Is it a situation where someone's stature or standing might dazzle or pressure a young person even though they're over 21?

Evilwickedmeanandnasty Sat 24-Dec-16 01:11:39

Someone being approached/head hunted for MI5 or the likes? James Bond/Kingsman situation? If that's the sort of thing and the alumni feed the ranks then surely you'd know that's a chance sending your child there, but at 20+ years, they should be old enough to speak for themselves?

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