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Xbox One and Fifa 17 download

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monkeywithacowface Fri 23-Dec-16 22:13:27

Not really an AIBU just posting for traffic really and a bit of a pre Christmas warning! We have bought the DC's the Xbox One with Fifa download and decided we'd set it up tonight as kids are on a sleepover at their nans, just to make sure it was all working OK and figured we might as well download FIFA 17 so it's all good to go as soon as they open it Xmas morning. Glad we did as it's been well over two hours so far and it's still not finished downloading.

As it's pretty much their main gift it would have made for a dull Xmas morning waiting several hours to play it. So my advice would be to set it up Xmas Eve if you can

OneADayAndThenWhat Fri 23-Dec-16 22:15:57

Good advice. 👍🏻

HolidaySpiritsReinbeerAndWhine Fri 23-Dec-16 22:25:04

This is why we rarely download games, I once had one that took about 12 hours to finish downloading on the PS3!

Ellisandra Fri 23-Dec-16 22:29:18

I think it was on here recently that I read it can take an age on Xmas day morning.
Tue night took me an hour to run the updates for a new Xbox One and about 30 mins to download Minecraft.
Not horrendous but as it's the main present and I only have my daughter until 12:00...

So yes - get it set up now!

monkeywithacowface Fri 23-Dec-16 22:29:22

We never download games usually but that's how it came as part of the Xbox deal. Annoying that they can't just give you a disc like the good old days!

Lilifer Fri 23-Dec-16 22:34:32

Yes absolutely! Fifa 17 took all night to download and we have good broadband, its ridiculous, why can't they just include the actual game separately in the bundle!

TrionicLettuce Fri 23-Dec-16 22:36:40

Even when you get the game on disc it's worth checking to see if there are any updates that need doing, saves sitting around waiting for them to complete on Xmas day itself.

The same goes for getting new consoles set up and checking for system updates.

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