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More of a WWYD re neighbours

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Musicinthe00ssucks Fri 23-Dec-16 18:59:02

Our neighbours (semi-detached house) are pretty noisy; music and banging mainly. Recently it has become very bad with music penetrating our house nightly - from late afternoon onwards. We regularly go to bed with ear plugs in.

This evening DH and I went round and knocked to ask them to turn it down. The door was answered by some man I have never seen who said "I don't live here I'm just doing work for them." I asked him politely if he would turn the music down and he said well I'll try to find the thing to do that. I asked him what he meant by "try to find it" it's just a button on the stereo that you turn down. He then got very angry and said again "I've just told you I don't live here." I said again please turn it down as my DDs are trying to sleep and then walked off. He shouted after me very aggressively "and merry Christmas to you too and happy new year".

I then went to put DDs to bed and there was a knock at the door. DH answered and it was him saying he has phoned "them" (presume the occupiers) and they told hi to come round and "check the decibels". DH obviously would not allow him to enter our home and again asked him to turn it down. He agreed and left. It is now louder than ever.

I know he is not doing work there and that he is dossing there as this happens at the same time every week - always Thursday to Sunday. The house is rented through the local authority and rented to a woman with 3 boys. We own our home so have no landlord to complain to. I want to complain to the local authority but DH said that he is worried that they would get revenge on us as it would be obvious that we have complained. They are very nasty types who take drugs, and I now feel threatened and frightened to do anything, but I don't want to live like this.

Musicinthe00ssucks Fri 23-Dec-16 19:00:27

Sorry forgot to say I know he isn't doing work because he does not work for the local authority. And they wouldn't be doing work at this time anyway.

2cats2many Fri 23-Dec-16 19:00:34

Call the council. They'll have an out of hours number for my noise nuisance.

scurryfunge Fri 23-Dec-16 19:04:29

Not sure why you wouldn't call the agency who could do something about it.

Musicinthe00ssucks Fri 23-Dec-16 19:06:12

I want to Scurry but now he will know it's us and I am scared of what they might do to get revenge

VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Fri 23-Dec-16 19:08:08

So what's the alternative?

You either deal with it or you live with it. And I'd deal with it. This sort of situation is a nightmare to live with.

scurryfunge Fri 23-Dec-16 19:09:07

But what' s the alternative? Let a bully get his way or stand up to him? The law should protect you against harassment and intimidation.

Mouikey Fri 23-Dec-16 19:15:18

You may find that the tenant is subletting - if she is in a local authority property I'm not sure this is permitted. The outcome may be that he is 'politely' requested to leave by the landlord.

In the meantime keep a diary of then the noise start, stop (if you know), type of noise and any interactions. This will help your case if you complain.

MsJamieFraser Fri 23-Dec-16 19:18:23

Council won't do anything now, they can make as much noise as they want until 11pm.

Phone your council after the ny and also contact environmental control

Efferlunt Fri 23-Dec-16 19:25:09

Council won't do anything to the strength of one complaint sadly. Can you get a neighbour to call as well?

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