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Not to have let him eat the food with broken glass in it

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Fieldsandgrasses Fri 23-Dec-16 18:57:53

I think I am. Cooking tea for DS, preparing casserole for us later. Busy, rushing slightly. A lot to do before we leave early tomorrow. We'll gloss over the fact he was home and has done fuck all. Put a saucepan lid that didn't fit the saucepan just to make the veg cook quicker, DS hungry. Have done it many times, just for a couple of minutes, usual heatproof glass lid. Lid explodes. I'm calm, bin peeled potatoes and casserole (glass in both). Start to clean up. At which point he makes the point that it was the wrong lid. Queries whether I should have chucked the food. I leave the room. He goes to get food for himself, leaving me to do everything myself. Bath time and packing. I'm pregnant with twins. I should have let him eat the glass, shouldn't I?! Fucker.

formerbabe Fri 23-Dec-16 19:04:38

Is this your son? I'm confused.

Fieldsandgrasses Fri 23-Dec-16 19:04:57

Sorry! DH!

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