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To feel so ridiculously grateful for this past year....

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Chaffinch1 Fri 23-Dec-16 18:55:21

This sounds ridiculous I know but after a few years of bad luck, money troubles, family feuds, etc this year for our little family has been perfect (politics around the world aside!). I completed my PhD, landed a fantastic job that I love, Dh's business took off, we moved to a wonderful new home, we moved ds schools and we went from worries about asd to a son who is thriving and loving school. Our youngest had health worries in 2015 but is now all fine, financially we're not rich by any means but comfortable, it has just been a wonderful year for our little family. We're happy, healthy, our marriage is better than it's ever been, our children are happy and I genuinely often pinch myself as how lucky we are. But I can't shake a feeling of foreboding doom, that at some point soon this perfect bubble will burst, I want to just stop time, stay in this moment. Does that make sense? I know we will have more ups and downs, that's life, but I feel like I'm about to walk off a cliff I can't see. We've had so many challenges, health problems, multiple miscarriages, a family feud which cost us our home and business, me overcoming a violent assault, Dh's father having a full breakdown, as a couple we've always been strong but it's been tough! I suffered with anxiety a lot when younger and had it all under control but wonder if this is it coming back, which feels ridiculous when everything is so good.

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