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To think the school getting my childrens

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Catlady1976 Thu 22-Dec-16 14:27:35

Surname right is not too much to ask.
Dd1 and Dd2 are now at the same secondary school.
Ever since Dd1 started her surname has been routinely misspelt on newsletters, certificates, programmes etc. I would say they get it right maybe 30 to 40%
I have up to now let it go but now Dd2 is there too and it it is starting to bug me.
I appreciate that these awards are given out at the end of term and it is busy and mistakes happen.
It just always seems to be my children. My dds both have friends with far more difficult surnames but they are never wrong.
Aibu to mention it.

Trifleorbust Thu 22-Dec-16 14:39:47

I would mention it. I wouldn't stress about it.

NicknameUsed Thu 22-Dec-16 14:42:28

I think it will become very important when sitting external exams. The school needs to be told.

Trifleorbust Thu 22-Dec-16 14:48:34

It won't make any difference for external exams. The Exams Officer will use the name given by the parents when the child was enrolled.

TheSnowFairy Thu 22-Dec-16 16:08:55

Yanbu at all, email the school.

NicknameUsed Thu 22-Dec-16 17:51:48

Assuming that the name was correctly entered on the database Trifleorbust

Janey50 Thu 22-Dec-16 17:58:59

This would annoy me. All through secondary school,there was one teacher (deputy head) who persistently got my DD's surname wrong. She would always put an 's' on the end of it. Ok,so the spelling with an 's' is more common,but when this teacher had been told umpteen times and STILL did it.... So one parents' evening,I addressed this teacher by name,putting an 's' on the the end of it. She wasted no time in correcting me. So I said 'Yes,no 's' on the end,same as our name'. She looked a bit narked,but she didn't do it again.

Catlady1976 Fri 23-Dec-16 10:25:56

The office definitely have the correct spelling as they do use it. It seems to be certain teachers who have it wrong.

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