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To not get why this woman is popular?

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Phoebex Wed 21-Dec-16 15:11:36

Small village, playground mum drives me batty but I think im the only one it must be me being intolerant.

Shes got very hmm views on migrants comin over here & taking our jobs etc etc. When photos of refugees landing in Greece were all over the news she was banging on about how come theyve got mobile phones if they're that desperate confused
There's many more topics she rants about at top volume and everyone just stands around going Hmm yes or whatever. Im afraid the red mist just descends with me I can't bear it or listen to it I can't understand how anyone could be so lacking in empathy.
Latest thing is ranting about seeing homeless people with mobile phones. We were collecting coats for the shelter and a homeless guy thanked us online & she replied with 'err excuse me how can you be homeless if you have a phone and money for credit we are being taken for a ride etc sad
I can't really avoid her, but if everyone else just shrugs it off why can't I??

DJBaggySmalls Wed 21-Dec-16 15:14:56

Theres always one. Do you want to be the one to stick your head up above the parapet and say something?
I have said something. I dont want other people thinking they speak for me, they dont.
It usually causes a fuss, I get ostracised, then 3 or 4 people will tell me behind their back that they secretly agree with me. But they wont say anything in front of them.

OurBlanche Wed 21-Dec-16 15:15:32

You can't because you don't like her, her attitude, her behaviour, her actions, her volume.... she offends you!

Others have made other decisions and may be keeping quiet because they fear her turning her 'wit' on them or have tried to reason with her and have found that noncommital Mmms work best.

You only have 3 choices: ignore, challenge or bury under someone's patio! grin

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