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To ask about your christmas present fuck ups to make me feel better about mine?

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HughLauriesStubble Wed 21-Dec-16 14:25:23

I ordered a gift voucher experience for dh, it's something he has wanted to do for a long time so he should love it. I ordered it and paid for 2 people as it's not really something you do on your own and got a quick reply from business owner saying they had processed the order and posted the vouchers. Brilliant.

Except the voucher arrived today and is only for 1 person hmm I have definitely paid for 2 and now can't get hold of the business hoping they haven't finished up for xmas

Where I live, today is the last posting day for xmas so I would need the other voucher posted today to get here in time. I can't physically get into the office, hence ordering online in the first place. I know it's not too huge of a deal as it can be rectified after xmas but it's still a huge pain in the arse and a disappointment sad I guess at least I have one voucher to give him (and a few other small bits too)

Anyone else had a present fuck up?

Rinmybell Wed 21-Dec-16 14:29:15

Yes! This Christmas I thought I was super organised and ordered my DS, and both SIL items from American Apparel (they're all in teenage years)
Didn't receive them after 3 weeks so emailed too find out they've gone bankrupt and I will not be receiving the items at all OR my money back - £80 worth.
Have bought them replacement presents but they're not going to like them as much as the things I originally ordered.
It's really peed me off.

KingJoffreysRestingCuntface Wed 21-Dec-16 14:31:33

I made the mistake of believing that GAME meant it when they said 'next day delivery'.

Happily took my £4.95 but haven't sent the stuff.

Corrupt company...

Qwebec Wed 21-Dec-16 14:39:24

Wrap it with a second homemade placebo voucher explaining the second one got delayed due to traffic but is on it's way or something to that effect.

One year, I gave a way fancier gift to DF's wife than DM, I just happened to find the perfect gift for her and indulged.
It fell on the first Christmas in years my mum decided to organise a big extended family reunion at the last minute. Lots of hurt feelings.

HughLauriesStubble Wed 21-Dec-16 14:42:14

Omg rin that's terrible I didn't realise they were gone under shock I know it's not any consolation but I ordered stuff from them earlier in the year and it was terrible- inconsistent sizing and washed badly. Still though, awful for you to be down the cash. Hopefully you ordered by credit card and can claim it back there?

Joffrey once December kicks in, I ignore all claims of quick postage. They're all villains!

user1480946351 Wed 21-Dec-16 14:43:58

I bought a game for my DS in WII U format, when I was supposed to get XBox One. Too late to change it now.

smEGGnogg Wed 21-Dec-16 14:46:49

I haven't even bought anything for my husband. We agreed that I wouldn't because he had what he wanted some months ago now when it was on sale. But he's been dropping huge hints at every opportunity. Yesterday he said to our dd "do you think daddy will have something open on Christmas day?"


MrsMattBomer Wed 21-Dec-16 14:47:53

I once bought American Psycho instead of Captain America for my 13yo DS. I'll be honest, it wasn't my finest hour.

dollydaydream114 Wed 21-Dec-16 14:52:02

DP wanted a limited edition poster-print by a photographer/designer he likes. The bloke sells them via his website for £50. His payments system wasn't working so I ended up emailing him and paying via Paypal. That was about three weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived ... turns out that he he didn't even get it printed until Friday just gone, although that should still have meant it would have arrived by Monday at the latest, and it still hasn't appeared. If it's been lost in the post the designer is happy to replace but he won't be able to get another print made up and dispatched until after Christmas ... and as it was DP's 'main' present and the only gift I'd got him that wasn't a book, I now feel I have to get him something else to compensate.

The irony is that DP won't actually mind at all if he doesn't have much to open, but although we don't go OTT with gifts he is still generous and thoughtful with gifts to me and somehow I'll feel like a bit of a cow if his little present stash is depleted! We haven't got kids so there's no frenzy of high-octane toy-opening to distract us from our own gifts on Christmas morning.

jobrum Wed 21-Dec-16 14:54:09

Bought a trial flight lesson for dh. Wrote a few details down which I stupidly left out and he found when looking for paper to write a shopping list. He said I hope I haven't got him flying lessons and we quickly moved on. Voucher is non refundable. Had to cobble together another collection of presents, the main one of which still hasn't arrived!

DearSantaDefineGood Wed 21-Dec-16 14:54:52

Found an amazing deal on eBay for the collectors edition of a game my DP wanted. I understood the listing was for the game but not all the gimmicky shite that generally comes with collectors stuff like the figurines and maps etc hence the amazing price. I got sent the promo code flyer that is inside the game for extra DLC stuff. No actual disc to play the game fangry.

Also ordered DP a walking dead inspired t shirt from teespring back in November from America expecting 5 weeks to be pleased to of time for it to arrive. Apparently it's not and it won't be here for another week or so.

Went to buy DP trainers he wanted and all places were out of his size.

And people wonder why I've been bah humbug this year.....

DearSantaDefineGood Wed 21-Dec-16 14:56:08

Plenty of time** and autocorrect is also against me it would seem fgrin

ShelaghTurner Wed 21-Dec-16 14:56:59

I bought my mum's present last month and put it away. Can I find it? Can I fuck. I have looked everywhere and no sign. No money to buy a replacement and so if I don't find it she'll have nothing. So pissed off, she would have loved it fangry

Postchildrenpregranny Wed 21-Dec-16 15:03:35

do him an IOU dolly -if you can , include a small pc.I've done this with stuff that hasnt arrived
In fact DD 1 has one for a gift that is already wrapped and where she lives. It's very heavy so I took ti down by car last time I went as I know shell want to use it straighaway after Christmas

1lov3comps Wed 21-Dec-16 15:10:03

I bought my parents tickets to a show from me and my brothers a couple of months ago but it was on 2 weeks before Christmas so we'd to give them the tickets early.
Only its on 2 weeks before Christmas next year hmm
So they know what their present is already and they can't use it for another year!!!

CherryChasingDotMuncher Wed 21-Dec-16 15:13:38

Not me but DH - similar to 1lov DH booked a pre-Christmas weekend away for us as a surprise... for a year's time. In Vegas 🙄 Luckily the hotel were fab and let him change the dates!

TallyHoAndToodlePip Wed 21-Dec-16 15:15:23

I didn't do this but my mum did. Back in my teenage years I desperately wanted to go and see Justin Timberlake in concert. He'd recently just split from Nsync and had announced his first solo tour! I asked my mum for tickets for Christmas, not expecting to get them because I knew they would sell out so fast.

Christmas day rolled round and my mum handed me my envelope shaped present, beaming from ear to ear. I tore it open, thinking to myself "OMG she actually managed to get Justin Timberlake tickets!!!". Inside were two tickets to see Darius Danesh, of Pop Idol fame... my jaw dropped with surprise and I looked at my mum who was still beaming with happiness. She said "Look! I actually got the ones you wanted! And there's 2 tickets so we can both go!". I didn't have the heart to tell her she got it so very wrong lol, so I threw my arms around her and thanked her profusely. She definitely had a better time than me at the concert but it was so nice to see her happy and spend the night with her.

Sometimes fuckups have happy endings. To this day I can't hear 'colour blind' without laughing to myself smile

NotYoda Wed 21-Dec-16 15:15:49

Turned up to my Brother and sister- in-laws without a present for SIL's mum and sister, who I had forgotten were going to be there. They had bought for me and DH, and our two sons.

dollydaydream114 Wed 21-Dec-16 15:16:37

bought my mum's present last month and put it away. Can I find it? Can I fuck.

My mum loses at least one Christmas present every year. She usually finds it again around March, when we'll get a phone call saying 'Guess what? I found your book/grandkids' sweets/Dad's jumper! It was in the shed/under the sink//in the boot of the car.' etc

WankersHacksandThieves Wed 21-Dec-16 15:16:41

I'm still in the middle of my present fuck up- I've waited in all day for them to pick up an incorrect item - for the 2nd fucking time. Upshot is that I will no longer be able to get item but company are total fuckwits and I've given them a roasting but all it's done is made me more stressed.

Anyway, pick up was due between 8am and 4pm. I worked at home, finished 15 minutes ago, I want to go into town but still no sign of courier.

KatharinaRosalie Wed 21-Dec-16 15:23:20

Only its on 2 weeks before Christmas next year

Could be worse, friend got some tickets for Xmas for an event that according to the giver was taking place end of December. Well the 'end' was correct but month was November..

CherryChasingDotMuncher Wed 21-Dec-16 15:28:23

Tally grin

I once as a teen asked my nan for the Robbie Williams album - can't remember which one it it's when he was sexy as hell and super popular, think the Angels days, it was a black cover with his face amongst a crowd on it. Was so excited, until I got fecking Flubber (I think it was called) on video - bloody Robin williams! Who I love but it wasn't my beloved Robbie 😫

lacklustremum Wed 21-Dec-16 15:32:10

I've lost the most expensive present I've bought DH, it's also the smallest and I can't find it amid the stuff piled in the top of my wardrobe. All the stuff is normally in the bottom of the wardrobe but that's full of the kids presents so it got moved. He's been told he can have it when I have a clear out in the new year fblush

ilongforlustre Wed 21-Dec-16 15:36:08


Last year I ordered a game for my DH that he really wanted. I got it on Amazon with some other stuff except I didn't realise I was buying from a store in AMERICA who would ship it via ISRAEL. I could have bought the damn thing in Sainsbury's!

It did arrive on Christmas Eve but I had panicked the day before and bought it in town...tbf they were very good and let me send it on to someone else in the UK who had ordered it and gave me my money back.


WaxyBean Wed 21-Dec-16 15:38:01

We went to MILs last Xmas, some 500 odd miles drive away. We realised at 4pm on Xmas eve that we'd forgotten the presents. Emergency dash to Tesco and the DC got a bear and a sticker book each - amazingly they were very pleased with their lot, and even more pleased when we got home and Father Christmas had left presents There too!

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