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AIBU to expect the good of my fellow estate residents?

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MarcoPoloCX Tue 20-Dec-16 23:43:02

To cut a long story short.
A woman reversed her car into the side of my car.
Her house was on the left hand side as I looked at it.
There was a space just before her drive, on the nearer side of drop kerb.
I was intending to pull in and reverse in to the space.
So I pulled in, I was stationery and before I even changed gear she put her car in reverse. Her white lights came on. I was beeping my horn.
But she didn't hear, didn't see my car and she went straight in to the side.

Now, I hear from my insurer she's saying something else. I'm fuming.

You would have thought people would be truthful and to do this to another person on the same street.
Or am I being too naive expecting good in others.

coolaschmoola Tue 20-Dec-16 23:48:14

There are three sides to every story... Yours, hers and the truth.

Other than that I can't comment without a map showing all of the positions because I can't figure out what happened, unless you were stopped over her drive?

MarcoPoloCX Wed 21-Dec-16 00:07:28

Ok without going into what happened.
I gave my version to my insurer.
She gave hers.
She said something I did which I didn't do so to make it out less of her fault.

She caused the incident.
Was clearly her fault if she's honest.
But whose fault it is that's for the insurers to argue it out.
But what I'm fuming about is that she said I done something which I haven't so she can push for a 50/50 liability and there's no way of proving it.

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