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to think DP should change his optician appointment for this?

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Coralfish Tue 20-Dec-16 16:53:53

I bought some expensive tickets to a concert he will like and I really really like. DP wasn't answering re: dates and tickets were selling fast so I just took a risk and bought them. It is on a Sunday. He has an optician appointment on the Saturday he is going 'home' to his parents for. He did tell me but I didn't remember the date. He now says he will have to 'think about' whether he can come. AIBU to think he could just change the appointment to another weekend, or come back early and go and see them again another weekend? They only live one hour away and we will have seen them over Christmas. I am sure I can find another person to come with me, but I wanted to share it with him and would feel awkward giving a ticket that expensive to a friend or asking them to pay for it. I was not planning to ask DP for any money - it would be my treat to myself and him (but mainly myself).

Scooby20 Tue 20-Dec-16 16:59:52

It's a difficult one. I can totally see your point but I would also be pisses off if dh booked something knowing I already had plans.

Bagina Tue 20-Dec-16 17:02:53

YANBU unless opticians is code for something! Surely he can do both anyway??

DramaInPyjamas Tue 20-Dec-16 17:04:19

Are you sure he'd really like the concert and is not just trying to think of an excuse to get out of it?

harderandharder2breathe Tue 20-Dec-16 17:05:05

Why doesn't he go to the opticians at home where he actually lives instead of where his parents live?

And why can't he come back home to you after his appointment?

Gardencentregroupie Tue 20-Dec-16 17:05:25

He has an appointment an hour away on Saturday morning and he is being weird about a concert on Sunday night? Very strange, surely he could leave his parents after Sunday lunch and be in plenty of time?

honeysucklejasmine Tue 20-Dec-16 17:05:41

They are on different days! Can't he do both?!

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Tue 20-Dec-16 17:08:41

just go with someone who wants to go!

Short of making a placard saying "I don't want to go " and ringing a bell to draw attention to the placard he could not make it more clear that he doesn't want to go

Coralfish Tue 20-Dec-16 17:09:24

He had already planned to 'make a weekend of it' and see his family. And we need to travel to the concert so he would need to be back for midday on Sunday really.

XiCi Tue 20-Dec-16 17:10:30

He really doesn't want to go if he won't reschedule an opticians appointment does he

anotheronebitthedust Tue 20-Dec-16 18:36:44

XiCi - I couldn't agree more! Can't think of many things I wouldn't cancel an opticians appointment for if there was the chance of something slightly more exciting going on.

Think you worded the OP a bit weirdly tbh - it's not just an opticians appointment, it's basically a whole weekend with his family, only half an hour of which will be spent at the opticians.

Event he'd really love to go to vs opticians appointment = Unreasonable and bizarre not to cancel

Event he obviously doesn't care either way about going to vs planned weekend with family = perfectly reasonable not to want to cancel

BreakfastAtStephanies Tue 20-Dec-16 19:25:26

Wait a minute, all. . . Does he have any problems with his eyes or eyesight lately ?

There could be a reason he needs to keep the appointment. Not routine.

I am an optometrist so I would say that, wouldn't I ?

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