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£50 bottles of perfumes for teachers!

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MsGameandWatch Tue 20-Dec-16 14:33:58

Who can afford or even feels inclined to this? Honestly I am shock. A child handed one over to her teacher at our school this morning. Have just googled it and the cost for this perfume varies up £90, if you get the larger bottle.

I honestly can't get my head round it.

Stormwhale Tue 20-Dec-16 14:34:58

confused that is bonkers. Perhaps it was a regift? Even so though, that's madness.

Gowgirl Tue 20-Dec-16 14:35:04

Meh I chucked a fiver in the voucher collection...

TeaBelle Tue 20-Dec-16 14:35:31

Fake!! Or an unwanted gift, perhaps a parent works somewhere withwith a hefty discount?

LittleBoat Tue 20-Dec-16 14:36:11

Maybe the mum got it as a gift and doesn't like it so re-gifting.

Otherwise, no, that is crazy.

TapDancingPimp Tue 20-Dec-16 14:36:34

Is it Miss Dior by any chance?

I've been eyeing it up for years but it's £££ sad

MsGameandWatch Tue 20-Dec-16 14:37:08

Was in a little gift bag with the name of the perfume on it and she opened it and handed her the actual bottle.

MsGameandWatch Tue 20-Dec-16 14:37:55

I had best not say or will be recognisable. Not Miss Dior though.

SparklyGlitterPants Tue 20-Dec-16 14:41:49

That's pure madness. I'm €1.50 boxes of chocolate from dealz and thats it. I have to buy for 8 ffs and i just don't have the money to spend 40 quid on them collectively never mind individually.

SparklyGlitterPants Tue 20-Dec-16 14:42:09

I'm buying*

aretheyhavingalaff Tue 20-Dec-16 14:43:01

Very bad taste IMO

Daisyfrumps Tue 20-Dec-16 14:43:26

Maybe the girls parents don't actually know about it?

TealGiraffe Tue 20-Dec-16 14:43:44

I work in the wrong school....shock

I was chuffed with my ferrero rocher and multiple chocolate oranges grin i wont need to buy chocolate for a week months

Proudmummytodc2 Tue 20-Dec-16 14:44:17

That is crazy, my kids teacher and the teaching assistant of the class cost me about £12 in total for Christmas this year no way i would spend £50 on a bottle of perfume.

BizzyFizzy Tue 20-Dec-16 14:44:47

I got a couple of £40 perfumes from my students.

IamNotDarling Tue 20-Dec-16 14:51:25

Bizzy do you think any less of the children who don't get you anything?

iklboodolphRedNoseReindeer Tue 20-Dec-16 14:52:44

Maybe Dad will be wondering where the hell he got that perfume he bought for mum has gone...

iklboodolphRedNoseReindeer Tue 20-Dec-16 14:53:16

Sigh. Where the hell that perfume he got mum has gone.

MaximumVolume Tue 20-Dec-16 14:53:20

My friend used to work in a private school & was given a Tiffany bracelet one Christmas!

Newtssuitcase Tue 20-Dec-16 14:55:33

My DC are at a private school. Gifts range from the cheap (plant) to the ridiculously expensive and downright weird (dress) confused

Lottapianos Tue 20-Dec-16 14:55:35

My sister used to work in a primary school in a fairly affluent area in Ireland. She used to get bottles of perfume, bottles of wine, 100euro vouchers for the local large shopping centre, Bobbi Brown make up palettes - it was jaw dropping. Extremely generous and kind of the parents but jeez.

BarbaraofSeville Tue 20-Dec-16 14:56:31

Maybe they got it duty free? I don't buy perfume but get a lot of my gin from Gibraltar where bottles that sell for £20-30 here are £5-10 there. Maybe perfume is the same price? Does one of the parents travel a lot?

llhj Tue 20-Dec-16 14:58:36

Yes of course Bizzy thinks less of the children who don't purchase £50 gifts. In fact she may not even teach them next term.
hmmHonestly that's a daft question. How does anyone think less of a child for not buying an expensive gift?

expatinscotland Tue 20-Dec-16 14:59:23

I give tubs of Celebrations.

Cherrysoup Tue 20-Dec-16 15:01:17

Mad. I once got high end perfume/body lotion set and went to check its management that it was ok to accept such an expensive gift. It was. This year, I was given a bottle of really good perfume, the child says her mum works for them so gets lots for free! Several of her teachers got the same thing. It was very nice of her! Other children got me chocolates, one got me a little leather wallet with different sized post it notes, top present!!

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