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To say I can't work new years day?

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AlwaysNeverOnTime Tue 20-Dec-16 13:50:23

Everyone's hours have been cut at work and so now I only work one day a week. I have never had a contract and there have been some weeks where I haven't had any hours at all. The place I work is closed for a week in February and I'm one of the only people not getting holiday pay as I don't have a contract.

New years day is a busy day at work but I have the opportunity to go and see some friends that I haven't seen in a long time. I have emailed my manager to tell her I will be unavailable to work in new years day. I've given her two weeks notice but she isn't happy.

Now I think, zero hours works both ways so aibu to not work new years day?

JenLindleyShitMom Tue 20-Dec-16 13:51:58

When was the Rota done or has it not been yet? If not then she can't complain as you have given her prior notice.

AlwaysNeverOnTime Tue 20-Dec-16 13:53:10

Rota is always done a week before. So it hasn't been done yet.

AlwaysNeverOnTime Tue 20-Dec-16 13:55:59

If it makes a difference, I've never asked to not work a certain date before.

CockacidalManiac Tue 20-Dec-16 13:56:38

fucking exploitative zero hours shite.

JenLindleyShitMom Tue 20-Dec-16 14:52:19

Oh in that case you're well within your rights. she doesn't have to like it.

robinofsherwood Tue 20-Dec-16 15:06:49

As far as i know (I employ staff on what is effectively a zero hours contract but they run events so its if they want to and if we get the uptake) legally everyone has to have a contract. If your employer doesnt provide one there are still some terms they cant get out of.This includes paid holiday at a legal minimum of 12(.something) % of hours worked. You can no longer be paid a higher rate in lieu of holiday.

DementedUnicorn Tue 20-Dec-16 16:22:06

Like you say zero hours goes both ways. I would have no qualms in saying I couldn't do it

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