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To expect to be paid the same?

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CowPatRoberts Mon 19-Dec-16 11:21:49


Recently found out that the person I've recently taken over a role from was receiving significantly higher commission than I am, doing the same job (8x more). I've raised it with my boss but have a horrible feeling they're going to come back and say this is what I agreed so what I should expect.

Are there any reason why this would be acceptable?

wasonthelist Mon 19-Dec-16 11:26:56

Most non-public sector employers I've worked for make all pay based on whatever is agreed between you and them.

I can see arguments both ways - but as long as no-one is currently getting a lot more than you for doing the same job and there's no apparent discrimination, it's normal for a lot of organisations. I normally try to get a deal I am happy with, then never ask about anyone else's pay.

ThisIsStartingToBoreMe Mon 19-Dec-16 12:37:53

I don't know what you can do about it but its an absolutely disgusting practice and I'm amazed it's even legal.

Two soldiers fighting in the frontline in Iraq are paid the same rate.
Two nurses in A&E on a Saturday night are paid the same rate.

It's illegal in the public sector and the sooner it's outlawed in the private sector the better. It is also the main reason why companies encourage secrecy about pay rates.

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