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AIBU for messaging the seller?

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SparklyMagpie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:47:47

Bit of a boring one everyone but still just wanted opinions grin

A few hours ago I purchased a gorgeous watch as my Christmas present from my mum. Spent all day trying to decide with her sat next to me until I then decided on "the one"

It was already on offer on amazon for £82.74 instead of £165 so we was both very happy with the price and we purchased along with express delivery

I have just gone back onto my Amazon account so I could gaze at my beautiful present, only to find out that in the space of a few hours since I ordered that it was now showing up at £60 shock

I double checked and it's the exact same retailer etc etc

I know it's £22 but that is A LOT of money for us and I'm bloody lucky enough my mum is buying me such an expensive watch as I feel bad enough already

Was ibu reasonable to message the retailer about this and enquiring if they could ship my order for the price they've just changed it to? Or is that really cheeky? blush

Tbh my plan if they say no, is to just cancel the order and reorder it again

I'm just gutted they've cut it down in a matter of a few hours


baconandeggies Sun 18-Dec-16 19:49:07

Don't even ask. Just cancel and re-order straight away.

UpsyDaisyluvsIgglePiggle Sun 18-Dec-16 19:50:31

I'd contact them. I've seen it before where it's gone down in price after a day or so. We've contacted the seller and they've sent us a refund of the difference. Not amazon but happened with others retailers.

MapMyMum Sun 18-Dec-16 19:50:49

Exactly as bacon said, but then youll need to wait a few days for the refund to happen if theyve taken the money already so youll need to be able to afford another one at the lower price before the refund comes back, in case they increase the price again!

SparklyMagpie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:53:26

That was the one thing that bothered me about cancelling and reordering, but my mum said if they reply saying no then just to do it.

I shall see what they say and if not I'll cancel

I just thought if there was a chance they'd refund the difference it saves waiting for the £90 odd pounds being refunded and I know she still has some important presents to buy that's all ha.

But Thank you smile

Proudmummytodc2 Sun 18-Dec-16 19:53:40

If you purchase something and within 14 days it reduced by price the retailer has to provide you a refund of the price difference

baconandeggies Sun 18-Dec-16 19:53:56

The risk with waiting for a reply is that it might get mark as 'dispatched' in the meantime and it's harder then to change your order.

OliviaBensonOnAGoodDay Sun 18-Dec-16 19:56:08

proudmummy is that true?! Surely shops must constantly be refunding differences then?

I bought some outfits in river island which have now gone into the sale, I could have kicked myself when I saw the new prices sad

baconandeggies Sun 18-Dec-16 19:56:15

I think your card isn't actually charged until the point it's marked as 'dispatched' anyway, by the seller, so you might not have to be refunded (not 100% sure on this)

SparklyMagpie Sun 18-Dec-16 19:58:12

I've had an automated reply saying I can reply back saying ' URGENT' And they'll fast track my email.

Should I do that? If I don't get a reply I'll just cancel it, just feel awful then for my mum having to wait for the refund sad
I feel awful already for her spending that money on me but she insisted I needed something lovely after a crap year

Hopefully it'll get sorted

SparklyMagpie Sun 18-Dec-16 20:01:08

Yeah I've checked the delivery status and nothings happened yet but I assume it'd be getting ready for delivery tomorrow as should receive it Tuesday.
So that was my logic in getting in touch. I just can't believe the price dropped so quickly!

Olivia- is there no way you could take the clothes back to return and pick up the sale items?

I always thought if the price dropped within a certain time at retailers they have to refund the difference, although I only have heard of a few who have so not sure if applies to all?

This is exactly why I asked this question. Sods law grin

ShadowMane Sun 18-Dec-16 21:39:21


If you purchase something and within 14 days it reduced by price the retailer has to provide you a refund of the price difference

No they don't
This is totally incorrect
It might be something agreed by individual retailers, but it's not law

ShadowMane Sun 18-Dec-16 21:40:15

Otherwise you could buy something on Christmas Eve and get refunded the difference in the boxing day sales

ShadowMane Sun 18-Dec-16 21:41:53

The Offer and Consideration
The next principle is the offer. Let's say you spot a sofa you really like at £1000. You decide to buy it - and then make the seller an 'offer' of that price. The seller accepts this offer (acceptance.) Then, you hand over a deposit of £100 and the seller agrees to supply you with the sofa on an agreed date. This is 'consideration' from both of you, where goods or services change hands for money or 'other consideration.' You now have a completed contract - you have agreed to purchase the sofa and they have agreed to supply the price agreed at the time.

SparklyMagpie Sun 18-Dec-16 22:27:56

Just wanted to update,

I have received a message back to say they have refunded me the remainder of what I paid smile so surprised I got a fairly quick and polite response and will now have got the watch for £60 my mum will be made up too!

Thanks everyone for commenting smile

ShadowMane Sun 18-Dec-16 22:40:56

That's awesome service!!

SophieGiroux Sun 18-Dec-16 22:48:00

I bought something from sports direct online and when it arrived it had a sale sticker on it for £10 less than what I paid. I've emailed/tweeted to just be ignored. It's still being sold at the higher price online. Pisses me off.

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