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.... To Want This Again? Is it greedy?

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MoreBushThanMoss Sat 17-Dec-16 23:54:03

DS is only 3 months- but am already thinking back wistfully/ nostalgically about my pregnancy (which was great except for a month long bout of antenatal depression in my second tri)

Also had a lovely birth- would do it again tomorrow!

Another baby is .... unlikely for me (DP much older and will likely by retired by time DS is a teenager), we live on a narrowboat with v limited space, and my (current) career isn't particularly child friendly- 1 will be manageable. Juggling 2 would be trickier.

AIBU to be a bit sad about the fact this is probably going to be my only baby?

FrogFairy Sun 18-Dec-16 02:00:48

YANBU to be sad, but you have options that could make it possible.

DH works longer or becomes SAHD to sort child care. You could live elsewhere, you could change your career.

If none of this appeals, then perhaps you are content enough with the rest of your life to reconcile no more babies.

haveacupoftea Sun 18-Dec-16 02:03:13

A friend told me it is very normal to feel broody in the months after having a child, but that it does pass after a while, and thats why its so important to sort contraception straight away.

Araminta99 Sun 18-Dec-16 03:32:21

You need to give your body a break for around 2 years anyway. Revisit it then. Most likely it will pass, it's probably just rose coloured glasses.

You can't be emotional when it comes to planning kids, it has to be practical as well. It doesn't sound like having another child would be right for you.

Balanced12 Sun 18-Dec-16 03:42:06

Certainly not greedy but I would suggest it's a stage, when both of mine where 3 months, I was all ''I just want to win the lottery and have loads of babies''.

Now I know, I'm done. Like PP said give it a couple of years before you make any decisions.

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