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To feel like people should mind their own business?

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ThenOneFoggyChristmasEve Sat 17-Dec-16 03:15:30

Interested in views on this.

Had work Christmas party tonight. Department one tonight, the big company party was last week. I'm pregnant so was driving. Everyone else was fairly hammered.

I didn't go to the party last week, but my friend told me that two of my colleagues were "looking very cosy" in a corner together. Both married with kids. It's not admirable behaviour by any stretch of the imagination.

However, my friend went on to tell me that another girl (who, to my knowledge, isn't exactly a great mate of this pair, simply a busybody who loves a bit of drama) spent pretty much her whole night trying to keep them apart. At the end of the night she apparently pretty much forced the girl of the pair into a taxi rather than letting her go clubbing with everyone else.

Tonight, same thing happens. Same pair at it again. This time, girl from previous week (not in attendance) has asked her pal to keep an eye on the situation. Same thing happens, basically.

Now, their behaviour, as I've said above, isn't nice, and obviously I'm not condoning it. I do however feel they are adults who don't need babysat, and random people involving themselves in their business. I take issue with these girls basically involving themselves in the situation. It is one thing a close friend pulling one of them to the side and asking what they're playing at, even trying to remove them from the situation, but it is quite another for the office busybody to involve herself whilst pretending she's being oh-so-good and selfless 🙄

My friend fundamentally disagrees with me. She said "it's not nice to see that, someone should step in". She thinks I'm being too cynical of busybody's motives.

They were both drunk, but I don't think completely out of the game drunk. And seeing as this pair are becoming a recurring theme, it's clearly not just a drunken nonsense thing.

ImYourMama Sat 17-Dec-16 03:23:10

Maybe the 'busybody' has been cheated on before and she's trying not to let it happen to other families?

ThenOneFoggyChristmasEve Sat 17-Dec-16 03:26:48

Maybe. But knowing the girl as I do, I think it's far more likely that she's a bit of a drama llama.

BillSykesDog Sat 17-Dec-16 03:30:06

I agree with you. It's also perfectly possible they are just friends and she is making a really prejudiced assumption.

Bluntness100 Sat 17-Dec-16 03:42:11

Are you one of her paint? Sorry, yes, on one side she's being a busy body and involving her self in their business and you're then involving yourself in her business. Which is kinda weird.

So is this some form of reverse post where you're the female in the pair?

ThenOneFoggyChristmasEve Sat 17-Dec-16 03:48:26

Haha no, not me, although I can see why you're asking that. I don't even have the energy to pull my own husband right now, let alone someone else's!

I'm not involving myself, its just a chat with a pal about the events of the evening and because she so vociferously disagreed with me I wondered if I was being unreasonable.

Awwlookatmybabyspider Sat 17-Dec-16 03:54:31

No its not ideal, but. Yes, you're quite right. Its no body else's business, aside from both parties and partners involved. Her throwing people in taxis. Is not going to stop them shagging. Assuming they are, mind.
I'm also thinking, though. As she has such an invested interest. Is it a case of the green eyed monster. Did she throw her in the taxi, because. She wants this bloke herself.
The theories could go on forever

ThenOneFoggyChristmasEve Sat 17-Dec-16 04:00:25

Ooh that is an interesting theory. She's single. Its possible.

TheDowagerCuntess Sat 17-Dec-16 04:11:19

I'm inclined to agree with you.

As if busybody is going to stop them from getting it on, if that's what they both want to do.

I'm actually cringing a bit for her, and admit that I also wondered if it might be what babyspider suggested. I'm also cringing for the couple - who makes it that obvious?

My Christmas do seems like such a tame affair, in comparison. Even DH's Christmas do, which is free bar all night, had no such shenanigans. Admittedly, partners were invited, so little opportunity.

Satisfactorylemon Sat 17-Dec-16 04:19:59

I think only a close friend or sister can make a comment about it say if she pulls you aside.
It seems like she is over dramatic, bitchy and definitely doing it to make herself look good (and brag about it) and make the others feel awkward like they have done something bad already. Hows the atmosphere at work?

It's none of her business. If she meant it well she wouldn't be gossiping about it. She is looking to create rumours. I wonder if she fancies the guy and is annoyed that the othet woman is getting it...

Even if she was cheated on that doesn't entitle you to act as if you're a member of the cheat-prevention brigade hmm

Satisfactorylemon Sat 17-Dec-16 04:23:39

Thedowager who makes it that obvious?
Drunk ones, they had a few drinks. It loosens the inhibitions. Plus we dont know what exactly getting cosy entailed. The busybody may have exaggerated..

Satisfactorylemon Sat 17-Dec-16 04:27:05

. I wonder if she fancies the guy and is annoyed that the othet woman is getting it...
By it i meant getting his attention. Could be jealousy rather than genuine concern ( can't be, not if you fuel rumours and gossip about them ).

ThenOneFoggyChristmasEve Sat 17-Dec-16 04:27:43

I only saw them talking. Heads very close together etc but the music was loud. The rumours are that they were kissing by the end but i didn't see that. Because I dont particularly care and didnt spend my whole night obsessing over it like some people did...

It was cringe though. The whole thing. Work is generally OK but I'm wary of this busybody girl. I think she's a gobshite but she seems to be quite well liked. I'm fairly new to the place.

Satisfactorylemon Sat 17-Dec-16 04:34:45

Well you know what she's like now!
I'd just not get involved in this and watch out for her.

heateallthebuns Sat 17-Dec-16 04:45:37

I think maybe the busybody is in the right.

People do stupid things when they're drunk. If a friend was going to leave a party and you were worried she was too drunk you'd help her into a taxi.

I would see it as caring for someone and stopping them doing something they might regret. Sure they aren't going to stop it forever if the 'couple' really want it. But maybe it'd give a bit of thinking time and also stop them doing anything in front of everyone.

She might not be genuinely concerned, but it's still a good thing to have prevented that.

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