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not to offer to return some of my refund....

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Panicmode1 Fri 16-Dec-16 14:39:11

I have had a total nightmare with an order I placed at the beginning of November. It's one of those companies that send things out in dribs and drabs as they get them in. I have had to constantly chase, things haven't turned up when they said they would, have turned up when they weren't supposed to and I've had two emails saying parcels were left in a "safe space" by the courier when I don't have anywhere suitable - one turned up in my recycling bin, the other has never turned up. I have been trying to sort this out for days and days and as there is no phone number it's a nightmare.

I've had an email today to say that the courier has lost my parcel and they've given me a refund. Problem is that it's for a lot more than the value of the items I haven't received yet (even though I have emailed them on more than one occasion to tell them what I have received and to ask about the things I haven't). AIBU to not bother trying to return the approx 50% of the refund that isn't actually mine?!

CheshireChat Fri 16-Dec-16 21:22:09

Is it because you've had so much trouble they've compensated you for some of the hassle? Unlikely, but you never know.

I'd put the extra in an account where you won't spend it by accident in case they ask for it back.

In this case I can't imagine I'd tell them either tbh.

Summerisdone Fri 16-Dec-16 21:25:33

As Cheshire says, put the extra separate just in case they ask for it back, but if they haven't within 30 days then I'd spend it happily considering all the faffing about you've had to deal with

GreenTree100 Fri 16-Dec-16 22:29:38

They have compensated you whether they meant to or not! Keep it of course grin

melj1213 Sat 17-Dec-16 01:49:10

Like other posters have said, it could be that they haven't realised that you have actually recieved some of the order so I wouldn't spend the whole refund just yet, but equally I have had total orders refunded in the past when there's only been issues with parts of it as a goodwill gesture for all the hassle of chasing it up, especially if you've had to make multiple calls/messages.

It's like when I bought something on Amazon, it didn't turn up so they sent me a second one ... and the first one arrived the day after I got the replacement, I called Amazon to ask if they wanted me to send one back and they said to just keep the second by way of apology for the inconvenience. A lot of big retailers would rather absorb the loss and take the kudos for customer service than be quibbling over whether they need to refund £52.49 or £27.36

Panicmode1 Sat 17-Dec-16 08:23:31

Thank you everyone.

In a twist, this morning a courier delivered the last parcel that I'm expecting (the one that was ''lost''). So I have emailed them to tell them that they should cancel the refund - and we'll see what happens. It seems fairly chaotic at their end, but at least I have been totally honest with them all the way through.

5foot5 Sun 18-Dec-16 00:04:58

Well I am glad you have all your stuff but I was you I would be reluctant to buy from them again. Any chance of knowing who this disorganized company is?

alltoomuchrightnow Sun 18-Dec-16 01:56:50

is it M&S or Amazon?

Baylisiana Sun 18-Dec-16 02:21:00


childmaintenanceserviceinquiry Sun 18-Dec-16 02:22:20

oneregentplace ("promoted" or rather owned by by Alison Cork)?

Panicmode1 Sun 18-Dec-16 06:10:03

5foot5 - I asked to be removed from their mailing list at the end of my email. It's the second time I've ordered from them, and I should have known better, because my first order was cancelled by the company.

Yes, it is Achica!

Foxyloxy1plus1 Sun 18-Dec-16 09:41:03

I had some really nice things from ACHICA, but they stopped sending emails and I forgot about them.

In the early days, their service was good, but it descended rapidly into chaos, just as you describe OP. I'm surprised they're still going.

Baylisiana Sun 18-Dec-16 14:24:52

I have recently received something, broken of course, from ACHICA that was due to be delivered two months ago. Also just received some completely broken, think shattered, furniture which I have been waiting in for them to far three days wasted, not sure whether to hold out hope for this week or not.

I have finally given up on them and will not be using them again. I have had some nice things in the past but they have really gone downhill.

kali110 Sun 18-Dec-16 14:29:17

Anyone using hermes grin

SnatchedPencil Sun 18-Dec-16 14:55:46

You're not obliged to give them the money back, but be aware that they can still ask/demand it. So put it aside in a savings account somewhere and don't just spend it straight away.

You don't have to go out of your way in order to return the money. If they want it back, you might be able to charge a "reasonable" fee for your time.

But what is "reasonable" is a matter for debate, hence this forum!

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