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To ask if you have Manic Street Preachers "gold against the soul"

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EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 16-Dec-16 01:46:53

Shameless begging....

I'm trying to get a vinyl (record) copy of this album in good condition.

Obviously it's for a present. I've searched for it and it's pretty rare.

Going rate is £200 for mint condition which I'm happy to pay, so just an asking if anyone has one (sorry not interested in poor condition).

Thanks in the vague hope I might get one grin

EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 16-Dec-16 01:53:31

Also Day & Age by the Killers :-)



Ohthepressure Fri 16-Dec-16 01:55:13

There's one on Amazon :

EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 16-Dec-16 01:58:09

Tx saw that but I can't get it before Christmas.


EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 16-Dec-16 02:01:09

Sorry should add I did look at this but it's to be shipped from Japan and the condition doesn't sound great.

Ohthepressure Fri 16-Dec-16 02:03:35

Ah, I see.

You could order it, and in the meantime print off the cover art, stick it onto some cardboard, and then the real thing will arrive eventually?

EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 16-Dec-16 02:19:03

Thanks - might be the default option but hoping someone might have a copy they would sell smile

HemanOrSheRa Fri 16-Dec-16 02:30:21

I don't Eats but I'm placemarking so I can bumpty bump later today for you. I do have a good friend who is a keen vinyl collector that I can ask if you have no joy here.

ChuckGravestones Fri 16-Dec-16 05:36:14

I haven't but do

ChuckGravestones Fri 16-Dec-16 05:38:54

No they dont, bugger.

MrsJakeLovell Fri 16-Dec-16 06:08:01

the single here but it is worth phoning them too - they may be able to get hold of it for you

mickeyjohn Fri 16-Dec-16 06:09:22

I don't but it's an awesome album that reminds me of my youth smile

KellysZeros Fri 16-Dec-16 08:36:27

I have it, but only on cd

sportinguista Fri 16-Dec-16 10:44:28

I've not got that one on vinyl, only the first plus some singles, Mine are mint condition but I'm not selling just yet. Have you tried looking for specialist dealers on facebook, one of our mates sells that way and there are a few who are UK based and so would ship quicker, not sure of prices though...

LoisWilkersonsLastNerve Fri 16-Dec-16 10:48:23

There is a vinyl record fair at my local shopping centre I will have a look when I'm there at the weekend. Getting it to you in time for Xmas might be tricky if I find it, I'm in Scotland.

GraceGildee Fri 16-Dec-16 11:10:29

ChuckGravestones Fri 16-Dec-16 12:57:50

I'm kicking myself today that I only got it on Cd at the time. It's worth a bomb. Wonder how much my picture disc of Generation Terrorists is worth.

EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 16-Dec-16 13:02:12

Thank you Grace smile

Looking at that one now

DrDreReturns Fri 16-Dec-16 13:13:21

I've got it on CD... the vinyl ones are collectors items now aren't they!

EatsShitAndLeaves Fri 16-Dec-16 13:22:23

Chuck - that ones worth about £25 for a good copy.

The rare ones seem to be from the 90's where most people were buying cd's.

So classic albums on vinyl from that period in good condition can fetch quite a lot (as I am finding out as DH is re-building his vinyl collection).

I've bought the ebay one - thanks Grace :-)

GraceGildee Fri 16-Dec-16 19:57:19

No problem. Amazing album.

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