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to ask if anyone knows anything about professional gaming

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MoragWilson Thu 15-Dec-16 22:44:28

DS 20 wants to be a professional gamer (as in playing computer games in tournaments for money). I don't want to squash his idea just because I think he could do something better with his life I don't understand it.

He says you just play games to a high standard and get spotted and asked to join teams hmm

AIBU to ask if anyone know anything about this world?

LottieL Thu 15-Dec-16 22:53:58

From what I understand it takes a lot of practice at the game of choice, and he has to join a team that enters tournaments and from there they work their way up. The top teams earn sponsorships from different companies, and for example Halo championships offer millions in prize money but the competition is fierce. I think the championships have been won by the same team for the last five or so years, so to beat them he'd have to be very VERY good.
I think to earn a place on these teams you have to try out if they ever have a spot open, but chances are they circulate in areas where they have already come across the top gamers not already in a team and headhunt on that basis - no one from a top gaming team / gaming coach is going to approach him after a good game and offer this to him I bet.

Everything says that you need a backup plan too - a real job for the eventuality that it doesn't work out. Sadly precious few people make it in those fields so realistic expectations are a must.

R5l2 Thu 15-Dec-16 22:54:02

What game is he wanting to become pro in?

FairyDogMother11 Thu 15-Dec-16 22:55:25

My DP just tried explaining to me as I'd only just come across it in an article this afternoon. I still am none the wiser tbh. He says that people take it really seriously but no one does it where we live. They make tournament prize money by having in game purchase kind of things. Apparently they take it very seriously in Japan, even using pretty girls to distract the opposing players confused. Other than that I really have no clue. I know some really good gamers though and none of them have ever been spotted. They're all just top of leader boards and stuff so I can't imagine it's easy to get into.

PrincessConsuelaTheSecond Thu 15-Dec-16 23:02:25

I think he needs to get into the real world. Plenty of guys his age would love to do that but it isn't a career.

NeedMoreSleepOrSugar Thu 15-Dec-16 23:02:37

I have a few friends who work in closely related jobs, but aren't pro gamers themselves.

In the most basic of terms he's right in what he says and yes, there is money in gaming (sometimes millions for the top players in fact, particularly in the east) BUT very very few people make serious money doing it and even then their career is extremely short lived (most pros are at their best for 3-5 years then move into related areas if they can) Also, 20 is actually fairly old to be starting out - I'm assuming he's not already in any teams and competing, so he may be playing catch up depending on which games and tournaments he has in mind.

Does he have any qualifications or other work experience? If not, he definitely be looking at getting some rather than relying on this as his long term plan

edwinbear Thu 15-Dec-16 23:03:48

I'm not sure if the link will work but there was a fascinating programme about the pro gaming scene on BBC3 recently called The Super Gamers. It summarised it all very well in my non gamer view.

MoragWilson Thu 15-Dec-16 23:05:19

What game is he wanting to become pro in?

Haven't a clue R512.

LadyMaryofDownt0n Thu 15-Dec-16 23:07:13

Ah princess I think you'll find that it is a very real lucrative career, especially if you get signed by PlayStation or X-box or the like.

My brother moved to America a few years ago to do this after completing several degrees, he's minted & doing what he loves. I know very little other than that but I'll ask him & keep you informed.

JosephineMaynard Thu 15-Dec-16 23:08:57

I saw that documentary too edwin.

It all looked like a rather precarious career choice based on that documentary.

R5l2 Thu 15-Dec-16 23:10:26

I'd be asking him what game and how often he trains and with who, what competitions has he entered or going to enter if he's not really training with any teams or people and is just casually playing I can't imagine this going anywhere tbh and he should be thinking of some back up ideas anyway, the life of a pro gamer is short some have had to quit because of rsi/carpel tunnel he should be thinking of a back up plan

Nicknameofawesome Thu 15-Dec-16 23:12:31

It's very very difficult to get into. Most of the top players are under 20 or early 20's and they have usually been playing the same game for years.

You have to join teams that compete and keep trying out and working your way up. Some places have totally open tournaments but most don't.

WiddlinDiddlin Thu 15-Dec-16 23:12:38

He really needs to do something else as well, something that runs alongside it like game development skills, so he's aiming at working within the industry whatever happens..

In all honesty the majority of pro gamers have some sort of 'in' with the industry - very few people, particularly VERY few without some outside means of support (ie rich kids with an allowance who dont need to work) will get there.

edwinbear Thu 15-Dec-16 23:14:15

I agree Josephine from what I deduced it's akin to wanting to become a pro footballer, but with fewer potential teams to join. If he can code, would a career developing games be more realistic? Albeit still very competitive.

MoragWilson Thu 15-Dec-16 23:24:56

edwinbear - found it on youtube - very interesting.

MoragWilson Fri 16-Dec-16 00:00:14

Really appreciate all your posts - they've given me a real insight into this world DS wants to be involved with and has given me ideas of how to converse with him more positively about it.

JustanotherMortificado Fri 16-Dec-16 00:19:06

My ds1 (17) does it and has event thousands you have to dedicate the majority of your time to get good though. He knows people that have earnt very big off it.

JustanotherMortificado Fri 16-Dec-16 00:19:30


YelloDraw Fri 16-Dec-16 00:22:16

It all looked like a rather precarious career choice based on that documentary.

Yes like anything 'pro' that not many people make money out of. Pro footballer, pro tennis player, singer etc

Maz2444466 Fri 16-Dec-16 00:34:09

If he likes gaming, has he thought about programming? I don't know what his experience is but he'll get the play games that he makes and it can open doors to programming in general so has more options. My ex-boyf had a marine biology degree from uni but wanted to be a programmer. He did a course that guaranteed a job at the end of it and his training was free. Can't remember the name of it but similar to this:

Starting salary 18-28K worth mentioning to him

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