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The Labour Protest Christmas Song

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RoseGoldHippie Thu 15-Dec-16 21:36:26

"And there won't be no more double time on Sundays"

So there will be then?

AIBU to be slightly concerned that the labour MPs in the country, who represent their constituents at Parliament, don't seem to understand what a double negative is?

Sorry about a random rant but COME ON PEOPLE!

RoseGoldHippie Thu 15-Dec-16 21:37:49

Sorry I quoted incorrectly!!

"And there won't be double time no more on Sundays" sentiment still stands!

EnthusiasmDisturbed Thu 15-Dec-16 23:22:24

ffs and Labour wonder why they are so far behind in the polls

AnInfiniteOceanOfLight Thu 15-Dec-16 23:30:12

MPs singing is never a good idea regardless of grammar.

However I would say that the way it's ordered it does say what it's meant to - where what you originally misquoted it doesn't. For some reason the placement of 'no more' seems to make a difference. That is just my non technical instinctual take on grammar though.

It's still all kinds of wrong though...

NovemberInDailyFailLand Thu 15-Dec-16 23:36:49

I'd prefer a rap battle between Corbyn and Theresa May.

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