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to be mystified why school would call me for this?

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whatthehell123 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:06:41

So apparently my year 1 so this morning whilst doing some sticking / cutting decided it would be a good idea to cut " a tiny " piece of his hair during this activity
This apparently warranted a phone call home from a member of staff I don't know to tell me, who said they had a long chat about why he did it and he said the piece of hair was annoying him.
Is this really something they need to call home about / have a long chat about?
Surely it's because he is 6 and was probably bored.

xStefx Thu 15-Dec-16 13:08:26

My daughter did that a few weeks ago, she is 4. They didn't call me but they told me after school. They were probably being over cautious because some parents kick off x

Alfieisnoisy Thu 15-Dec-16 13:09:14

Yes they needed to ring. For every sensible Mum like you there will be the hysterical one who would go to the papers screaming blue murder because they were NOT contacted.

Maroonie Thu 15-Dec-16 13:09:18

They probably felt they should tell you incase he came home and told you. Some parents may be worried about lack of supervision with scissors and would expect to be told.
For what it's worth I'm with you and wouldn't find it that big a deal

harderandharder2breathe Thu 15-Dec-16 13:10:01

Yes but for every parent that isn't bothered and wonders why they've called, there will be another up in arms if they didn't.

No it didn't really warrant a phone call but did it do any harm?

whatthehell123 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:10:44

It was just the wording about having this long chat and needing to get to the bottom of it that seemed way overboard for a " tiny " piece of hair

Gottagetmoving Thu 15-Dec-16 13:10:47

Teachers are probably terrified of parents reactions these days because there are parents who go apeshit about everything.

AmeliaJack Thu 15-Dec-16 13:13:00

Have you read MN lately. There are all sorts of parents who would go off the deep end over this.

sparklythings01 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:15:02

I am a teacher. I have had a parent go crazy about this happening . He demanded all scissors were removed from the classroom. So yes, definitely unfortunately does happen and they were covering themselves.

Beewhisperer Thu 15-Dec-16 13:20:24

I have also been screamed at by a parent when her child did this. She demanded that scissors be removed from the classroom and accused me of not properly supervising my class.
Sometimes it's too busy to catch parents at the end of the day so calling is the only way to make sure that we have told you.

whatthehell123 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:26:31

That is crazy
I can't supervise him all the time at home never mind expecting them to in a class of 30.
She didn't sound annoyed but concerned and I was trying to figure out why she was so bothered that he had , in my opinion clearly just been silly

Bluntness100 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:28:12

Have you seen him? Are you sure it was tiny?

Meemolly Thu 15-Dec-16 13:29:16

Teachers who replied on this thread: I salute you and the job you do. I would never expect a call for that kind of thing, wouldn't worry me in the slightest, but thank you for sticking with a profession that now calls for this sort of firefighting. You are amazing.

Allthewaves Thu 15-Dec-16 13:30:48

Because some patents freak over the slightest thing and would demand to know why their precious bundle wasn't being supervised

whatthehell123 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:31:02

This is just madness and I feel sorry for the teachers if they rhink they need to call over such nonsense
The hair would still have been missing at the end of the day so she could have just mentioned it in passing if she really needed to tell me
I haven't seen him but she did use the words " a tiny " piece of hair

Footinmouthasusual Thu 15-Dec-16 13:32:19

Agree with you mollie op some parents are bat shit crazy and some post on here. grin

Maybe he will be a hairdresser smile

DearMrDilkington Thu 15-Dec-16 13:32:21

Have you seen him? Are you sure it was tiny?

This! You may pick him up and half his hair has been snipped offgrin.

DorcasthePuffin Thu 15-Dec-16 13:32:40

dd gave herself a full fringe one day in a boring maths lesson. Annoyingly, she did a pretty good job, so she didn't even have to learn through consequences.

School didn't even notice, and I didn't bother telling them smile

MrsGuyOfGisbo Thu 15-Dec-16 13:36:33

There was a thread the other day started by a mother who had hysterics because she spotted a small bruise on her kids leg and was incandescent the school hadn't informed her how he got it...
So this sort of thing is the fallout form parents like that.
I'm actually surprised that with blunt infant scissors he could cut the hair!

NavyandWhite Thu 15-Dec-16 13:38:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

APlaceOnTheCouch Thu 15-Dec-16 13:39:59

Maybe she was stressing the idea of a chat about his motivation just to make it clear that he did it to himself and wasn't held down by a budding Vidal Sasoon classmate

liz70 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:42:12

"There was a thread the other day started by a mother who had hysterics because she spotted a small bruise on her kids leg and was incandescent the school hadn't informed her how he got it..."

grin If I became "incandescent" every time my 7 year old DD3 got a bruise at school, I'd have spontaneously combusted long ago.

Marcipex Thu 15-Dec-16 13:43:09

A nursery child cut a piece off her own dangling hair and the mother insisted ( ranted at us ) that her child would never have done this, therefore it was someone else, and that the staff were covering up for little Gertie who happened to be closest. Then she wanted Gertie to be punished.
Not everyone is reasonable.

OnTheUp13 Thu 15-Dec-16 13:44:53

When you pick him up can you come back and let us know if it was "tiny" lol! As a teacher I would call a parent as others have said some would go bat shit crazy and others would be like you

pinkieandperkie Thu 15-Dec-16 13:48:49

I think they were being cautious as so many parents kick off these days.

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