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AIBU or should be the responsilbity of Amazon or the seller

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bobbyboy Thu 15-Dec-16 09:49:02

very boring, I order a tin of damp treatment paint from Amazon, to paint the outside bottom of the house. I chased the delivery up with the seller and was sent a pod saying it has been delivered to a house across the road from mine and about 6 houses down. OH went to said house and was told they did not have a package for us, went back to seller saying no package at this house, sellers response go to the police! WTF!!

I have contact Amazon who have said seller has a pod not their problem either contact Yodel or the authorities, seriously, so now I have to call my neighbour a liar and report them. Yodel refuse to speak to me as I am not the one who initiated the delivery.

Not expensive tin of paint so not really that bothered about the monetary loss but what if it has been an expensive item. AIBU in thinking Amazon, Seller or Yodel should take responsibility and the onus should not be on me to chase it up??

DolomphiousDuck Thu 15-Dec-16 09:55:29

You need to go back to amazon and say that proof of delivery isn't valid if it went to the wrong address and they say they don't have it.

DailyFail1 Thu 15-Dec-16 12:05:34

Complain to Amazon and say the seller defrauded you. I had exactly the same issue with something far more expensive and it turned out the delivery driver had stolen it - but in my case Amazon refunded me immediately. I think you do get a far better customer service experience if you Live Chat with them.

YelloDraw Thu 15-Dec-16 12:16:40

The POD is probably bullshit. Yodal produced a POD apparently signed by me for a missing item a few years ago. Amazon sent out a replacement. About 4 weeks late the original item turned up soaking wet and v dog eared.

ginghamstarfish Thu 15-Dec-16 12:18:38

Yes, agree with the Live Chat, I always find Amazon CS very helpful.

bobbyboy Thu 15-Dec-16 13:32:43

Grrrrr at the end of my tether now, have wasted so much time with this. Amazon A-Z claims or whatever it is called have sent a closed claim saying contact Yodel or the authorities. Have spoken to Amazon again and the guy who answered agreed with me that it is not my fault. He has now contacted Yodel who will send the driver out to the address he claimed to have delivered to to retrieve the item. Apparently I should hear back within 24 hours, they also asked me to contact Yodel. The guy I spoke to was very helpful, he agreed with me totally and could not understand why the escalation team have closed the claim.

charlie2405 Fri 16-Dec-16 01:16:52

omg. I had similar thing recently. A matress topper, 40 quid delivered elsewhere. Took me ringing 3 times a day regardless of working nights, shifts etc ringing UK mail and the seller on amazon who kept emailing me the same shite that UK mail were telling me. 2 weeks in total and the bastards made me sign a disclaimer stating that I wasnt making a fraudulent claim, all for 40 fucking quids worth of goods. As if. It was the principal of it. It wasnt the linen company in you r case was it by any chance?! They also closed my case after speaking to the delivery driver who said he had delivered to a guy with a small child and a beard who signed Hodgekinson. I explained like 30 times to anyone who would listen that that wasnt my surname and my husband ( who doesnt have a beard) wasnt home. Even after the delivery driver went back to the address and they out and out said they hadnt taken any parcel ( incidentally it was the same dude with the beard!) and lied to his face they were still making out I was being unreasonable asking for a refund and an aknowledgement of all the hassle I was put through! Icing on the cake was when the seller actually emailed me after I had requested a refund asking me if I wanted a replacement product sent out!! I replied ( as you can imagine) with a resounding fuck you and your waste of space company. It shouldnt be your responsibility to chase it up and you are DNBU!!!! Hope it gets resolved for you soon

Bettyspants Fri 16-Dec-16 01:31:38

Had similar issue twice, only it was stated as delivered. No parcel. Contacted Amazon and had replacement sent on both occasions, second time it turned up 10 days later (after apparently been delivered before) very weird I contacted Amazon who told me I could keep both , very cheap items but I appreciated the goodwill! No idea of the delivery service used affects the way they deal with things but pleased it seems to be being sorted for you

bobbyboy Mon 19-Dec-16 10:07:27

Still talking to Amazon, apparently someone is contacting Yodel and once they have done a thorough investigation I will get a call back. A thorough investigation!! £16.40 for the tin of paint, it is obvious that Yodel have not delivered it or have delivered to the wrong road, No-one could possibly have a package in their home and not realise that they have not contacted the neigh bout?? Their A-Z team are useless, claiming a POD is sufficient proof and telling me to contact the authorities??. The seller is an arse, telling me to go to the police, really!! I don't care about the tin of paint but really it is the principal. What if it had been an expensive item??

Bettyspants Thu 22-Dec-16 19:27:53

Op funny enough ive just had an Amazon encounter, slippers (unimaginative Christmas present) due on 19th via prime, didn't arrive but on 20th looked on my orders and says delivered. No while you were out notice. Contacted them via 'where's my stuff ' reply 4 hrs later saying sometimes that's logged when they tried and failed to deliver and apologies but give it another day. Not there today so contacted again , had reply saying as it was an Amazon order (as opposed to outside order when they refund) they would send some more out to arrive tomorrow. Meanwhile the original pair arrive!!! I've just emailed to explain and to say thank you but I do not need replacement pair after all! Given my experiences I'm really surprised you've had such a palaver over a can of paint!!

Bettyspants Thu 22-Dec-16 19:28:19

Should probably point out I use Amazon A LOT....

Evergreen17 Thu 22-Dec-16 19:51:09

Yodel are the worst. It annoys me when I order something then they tell me Yodel will deliver. I dont but stuff if I know they will be delivering it

Evergreen17 Thu 22-Dec-16 21:18:09

Yodel are the worst. It annoys me when I order something then they tell me Yodel will deliver. I dont but stuff if I know they will be delivering it

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