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AIBU to want to carry on this interesting discussion about the Child Protection System?

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Spero Wed 14-Dec-16 20:24:05

Following on from this

I thought it was interesting. Some people didn't agree with me and said they would tell me why. I would like to hear their views.

Hardshoulder Wed 14-Dec-16 20:25:58

Of course yanbu. You do an important job in educating people and dispelling widespread and damaging myths about child protection.

(Aren't you in a mosh pit, though???)

QueenArseClangers Wed 14-Dec-16 20:26:31

I, personally, would love for this conversation to be carried on. Especially when we have knowledgable posters with experience of how SW/care system/adoption works.
I'm sure it'd put a heck of a lot if minds at rest after hearing scaremongering stories.

everythingis Wed 14-Dec-16 20:28:22

Marking place.

Fwiw after 10 years in children's social care I have never heard of any targets for removing kids to be adopted. Within. Several authorities not just one.

BoreOfWhabylon Wed 14-Dec-16 20:32:00


myoriginal3 Wed 14-Dec-16 20:33:55

It's an interesting discussion.

Losgunna Wed 14-Dec-16 20:42:30

Glad to see you've stayed. Let's hope mn edit the last post on the other thread to link here.

It's an interesting debate and one that needs to be held I think.

Very interested to hear the views of those who disagree with Spero, and would very much like to see their evidence not holding by breath tbh

OlennasWimple Wed 14-Dec-16 20:45:03

Place marking

tldr Wed 14-Dec-16 20:46:39

Doing a victory lap round thread/place marking.

Pestilence13610 Wed 14-Dec-16 20:53:39

From my experiences, some work, some personal, all local. A lot of effort is put into finding kids private arrangements i.e. placing with family or friends. It is the cheapest and quickest option, when it is possible.

BoreOfWhabylon Wed 14-Dec-16 21:02:15

tldr fgrin


conserveisposhforjam Wed 14-Dec-16 21:07:44

<still wearing her 'SPERO ROCKS' t-shirt. Has added an 'MN - IT'S NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE' badge>

ChuckGravestones Wed 14-Dec-16 21:09:44

Is this the famous missing in action thread?

Ooh. Welcome home.

>stands as the side pogging<

pklme Wed 14-Dec-16 21:11:58

Glad this is here, and glad you are still here. I didn't follow the last thread to the end, but it certainly was an important subject.

Oblomov16 Wed 14-Dec-16 21:12:16

Sorry to see all the thread deletion nonsense.

Spero, can we go back to your quote:
"There is undoubtedly a constant swinging of the pendulum from one extreme to another. We are now very firmly in the 'child rescue narrative' and the focus is on removal rather than support. "

This is very worrying, don't you think? The lack of balance. Any swing of the pendulum, to any extreme, on any issue, not just CP/SS/anything is never good. Don't you think?

SafariSoGood Wed 14-Dec-16 21:12:50

Excellent fsmile

Leanback Wed 14-Dec-16 21:18:27

I agree oblomov. I think for an outsider it probably just seems like we are all doing a crap job. But honestly I feel like part of the problem is that government policy changes do frequently there is never any time to see if such and such a programme works to its fullest potential.

I don't believe my colleagues want to be in a pendulum. And I hope I'm not naive in thinking that my colleagues in duty and assessment know exactly what to look for without being too rash or too lenient. I personally feel that the media and our government/policy makers have more effect on the pendulum than the individuals working on front line.

Glad you've not gone Spero. You help a lot of people.

Pestilence13610 Wed 14-Dec-16 21:19:37

All my experiences are with teenagers and removal in the form of private arrangements seems very popular. However, these are a form of temporary removal and the child gets to have a lot of say in the proceedings?
How different is it with younger children?

conserveisposhforjam Wed 14-Dec-16 21:19:44

Oblomov I would say that too if I didn't actually think we set the bar way too low in the first place before we intervene with families. We allow children to be horribly damaged by their parents in the name of 'the family'.

I feel we should do far more to protect children but that that should be done in the context of better trained, better resourced, more professional SS.

Lord knows how we get that though. SS are woefully mismanaged and have been for decades.

EnormousTiger Wed 14-Dec-16 21:20:23

I always welcome posters like Spero and indeed anyone with intelligent answers even when their views are very opposed to mine. The more different views we have on here the better.

Spero Wed 14-Dec-16 21:43:37

Oblomov - Matthew Syed and Black Box Thinking is very useful when thinking about the pendulum. He points out that the aviation industry promotes a culture of learning from mistakes and people aren't shamed for making mistakes and thus not afraid to report them.

Natsku Wed 14-Dec-16 21:44:38

Glad the discussion has been restarted, was a bit shocked when the other thread got deleted.

crashdoll Wed 14-Dec-16 21:48:39

conserve The bottom line is that we need central government to prioritise social care. Prevention is always better. Struggling families should be supported by universal services and other services. If a mother is missing alcohol and thus, neglecting her children, let's get her proper substance use help. To do this, we need to fund and resource addiction services much better than we are.

Pestilence13610 Wed 14-Dec-16 21:53:18

We make social workers accountable to the law. If they make a wrong decision they don't just face losing their job but also risk a prison sentence. It is bound to produce an 'if in doubt, remove' culture.

DeriArms Wed 14-Dec-16 21:59:17

Placemarking - glad to see this discussion carrying on.

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